Corison Cabernet Vertical - Two Pack Woot Info Post
what greatness did I just buy at

Corison Cabernet Vertical - Two Pack - $59.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

2 * Corison 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

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why $7 shipping?

I’m still drowning in this from the last woot-off. Did pop open a 2002 and really enjoyed it.

description says 2002 & 2003
Title says different.

Not vertical without some vintage variation… just saying.

weird, the description and the product info are saying two different things. One says 1 2002 and 1 2003 and the other states 2 2003.

Woot code bots – no more summer shipping, and it’s not a vertical.

Otherwise, very nice, thank you.

edit: oh, and as has already been pointed out, the description includes discussion of the '02, which isn’t in this offer.

I second the question.

Vertical? I know the Corison’s are good but how was the 2003 vintage?

What is this…a vertical or 2 2003’s?

hip hip

Yep I’ve got too much lying around to justify buying more at this point… The good news is that this will go quick and we’ll be on to the next one before we know it…

Really really good stuff as I’m sure everyone will come in here to confirm.

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I have 4 bottles of this sleeping myself; otherwise I’d be all over it.

I think the shipping is $7 because they duplicated the offer before shipping went down to $5. Yeah, I still have a ton of 2002 and 2003 Corison Cabernet. If they offered the Kronos we’d be all over it.

Maybe it’s a vertically-challenged vertical.

Out of my price range. :frowning:

Next wine please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, have no idear if it will be double 2002 or a short vertical of 2002 & 2003. With $2 tip for delivery, in for two.

In relation to wines “vertical” means the same variety and area, differing only in year.

Horizontal would be if the two wines were from the same year but different varieties/areas.

At least that’s my understanding. I’m sure an expert can chime in.

Edit: And now I see the confusion. I missed the discrepancy in descriptions.