Corison Helios Label - Two Pack

Corison Helios Label - Two Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2004 Helios Merlot
1 2005 Helios Cabernet Sauvignon

CT Links above.

Guessed correctly. In for 2. Would love to Lab rat :slight_smile: I tried the Helios 100% 05 Cab Franc just last Saturday.

Edit: Nice… first sucker too :slight_smile:

dangit, stupid mistyping password for paypal…

Yeah, they said that there’d be a Helios “very soon” to us. Right after we sampled the Cab Franc. But I’ll take Cab & Merlot :slight_smile:

Would’ve been 1stsuck3r, but went in for three on this one. Buy it, people. Do it three times…

Awesome. Too bad no cab franc but I’ll take it (3).
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I’m only in for one, only because I just dropped … a lot… over the past weekend. Much of that AT Corison :slight_smile: For something y’all can’t have. Neener!

Wasn’t that yummy? Too bad you didn’t get to buy the EXTRA SPECIAL CORISON offering that us PSychos got. I’ll go in for one of these tomorrow.

This one sounds exciting. Definitely in for 1 (not yet) but I’ll wait for some feedback from Cathy or the rats to see if I order 3 instead. :happy:

Someone who’s tried this: how does this compare to Cathy’s other wines? Is the cab just as good as the “regular,” but more of a “drink now” wine? Anyone had the merlot? Thanks in advance for the info. Going to take some convincing after going for 3 of the Kronos.

Keep bragging. One of these days we’re just all gonna show up at your front door and raid your cellar. Drunken wooters all over the place 'til all the good stuff is gone…

Well, THIS Cathy says Buy 3 :slight_smile:

And THIS Cathy is available for rattage.

SWEET. That would be AWESOME. :slight_smile: Just don’t touch the 2004 Turley Hayne PS since that’s for my nephew in 17 years.

in for 2

It was great. I took a bottle of the Cab Franc home with me.

Darn. I’m a PSycho too. I love PS :slight_smile: See the sig? Pleading WD to bring back the Kent Rasmussen PS!

I was also @ D&D, but never ended up bumping into any of you as I never saw Loweel.

Ah well :slight_smile: Maybe you’re willing to share the special offering… or maybe I’ll just have to revisit Corison in another month.

for the wine makers in the morning.

The product description makes this seem like “reject” juice (without all that negative connotation). I can see the marketing strategies behind a wine that can only be bought at the winery, but apart from that and the price, what sets this apart from your normal distributions?

ok my curiosity is getting the best of me
where was the tasting
I am sure I am missing out on some fun

in for 1… this sounds lip-smackingly delicious… would also love to labrat!

We’re in and we would SO love to rat on this one! We’re big time Corison fans, but haven’t tried Helios yet. Can’t wait to get our hands on it.

I lit up Texas a little. hooray.