Corison Winery Kronos Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon - 2 Pack

Pardon my ignorance, but can someone explain in some detail why one should drop this kind of money on this wine?

I’ve only had $80ish wines that were so-so and I probably drank them at the wrong time etc. So this is far above my usual purchase point, but everyone here seems to be finding ways to sell off their first born to get in on this… :stuck_out_tongue:

Points schmoints. Lay that 2006 down for a few years and I’ll show you points.

Totally right. This is a long-term play for people who have patience, and know they like aged, classic Cabernet. Fundamentally different from the style that you will find under 25 dollars. It’s rather shocking that you can make two wines so different from the same grape.

Agree, but I’ll be 77 yrs old in 15 years and probably wouldn’t be able get down the steps to the basement to get these…or at least I wouldn’t get back up the steps!! May have to keep the corkscrew and some glasses in the basement.

how terrible would the 2000 be now anyway? just wondering cuz i want to try these but would like to at least break one open somewhat soonish

What I like truly, sincerely like about this ‘Black Tie Buy’ is that it reminds me that I am only renting out my tuxedo! While I like the idea of popping the cork on a 2000 vintage to close out 2010 (it surely has 10 years left to age, but I am just as sure that it is drinking wonderfully right now), I would like to think that my 05’s, 07’s, and possibly 10’s will fit the bill come 2015, 2020 and 2025 - for now my D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK, and Ty reds and whites will have to do.
For all those in on this congratulations! I am always available to help organize your tasting notes. As a friend (!?!) of mine (who got me into this wine collecting mess) said: “sometimes it is better to go hungry for a day just to experience a $200 bottle of wine.” She is however, obviously, eminently more employable then I.
All the best, and happy Thanksgiving!

From the description:

“One bottle, the 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon Kronos Vineyard, is perfectly ready to pour as soon as it hits your doorstep.”

I don’t think you’ll go wrong with it, but if you only buy one bottle (and who could blame you, at this price?), you’ll miss out on tasting an even more finely aged cab that can handle it.

You’re not the only one whose head is whirling over this dilemma, I’m sure.

I’d be happy to help you. But… only if you, you know, share. :wink:

Hmm, a real dilemma. I don’t think I could properly appreciate this offer today with my inexperienced palate. I’ve also never had a Corison.

But then I’m supposed to lay these down until, what, 2017? So do I buy these for a future me who will hopefully have a more experienced palate?

Gah, I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I hate this site :frowning:

since the freelance gig im doing has been good to me and that aston martin can wait, maybe i should say to heck with it and go in for two then? ive been cat like in my curiosity these days with the woot wines having little to no knowledge on all of the stuff ive dropped major coinage on since joining here not long ago.
of course this is all a gag and not an attempt to be percieved as arrogant but rather point out the insane tag on todays BT offer.
i am really thinking of two though…am i nuts???

DO IT!!!

(What? You thought you’d get logical, supportive, responsible help here? Pssshhhh! :tongue:)

Forget the points. Points are about fashion, trends, and one person’s preferences.

The question you need to ask with a wine like this is whether it’s a style you like and if it’s sufficiently unique. A big part of the pricing here is the vineyard, which is old, diseased (in a good way!) and low yielding.

Too rich for my blood, though this is something I’d love to try. Just have to draw a line somewhere.

In for 1, but shoulda done 2.


Time goes by so slowly and time can do so much. (Woot) Are you still mine?

Indeed. St George rootstock is the key, say both Cathy Corison and Kent Rasmussen to their best wines. Low yielding, but resistant to disease, except for a little red leaf which helps make the vines struggle… and the wines taste better…

This is 28.6% off inc postage, even if they are not the tip top of the years. However, with Corison, none of the years is bad, and California is very reliable anyway.

I actually have these from Rue La La already. 2000 to drink now. I must drink it when I get back to Cali.

IIRC, this is one of the 1001 (some even say 100) wines you need to drink before you die, at least according to many wine experts, including Gary V. of Wine Library, and other experts.

Classic Rutherford Dust on the palette.

Only three questions here…

  1. Do I love Corison wines?..
    Ohhh yea

  2. Am I willing to pack a lunch for a week?..yes

  3. Am I willing to give up three dinners out with my family of 5 and cook burgers instead?..hell yes!

I’m in


:Edit: And thank you Cathy and WD :happy:

Forget scores from people used to new word wines. Especially from CT. This is the antithesis of Parker wines. More Hugh Johnson territory.

These are elegant, Bordeaux in refinement, low alcohol (13%) and in some of the best soil in Rutherford/St Helena. Has some of that Rutherford dust, but not the mouth-filling tannins of your overrripe extracted fruit bombs. Violets is what people often mention, along with deep fruits which tease and play with the mouth, evoking an ever-shifting Gainsborough landscape of taste rather than trying to overpower them with schmalz and easy access like the usual Thomas Kinkade -level Napa Cabs with too much sugar, alcohol and oak.

The ultimate California Cabernet. Nothing better.

did it! in for two!! were goin ballistic Mav!!
have to try a 2000 when i get it and save one for later. both 06’s are not to be touched for a while

The 02 may have still been in the dumb phase. the 2000 will be out of that now. The fruit is there, but in harmony, not overpowering! Edit: but you knew that, as I know you know your stuff… this is more for others who don’t yet know.

If you are a Parker wine lover, then this is still something you can like, even though he represents the antithesis of Cathy’s style. It’s less full, less sticky, but with so much complexity and flavour. This is a classic to transcend boundaries of style and taste. Just as the whole world loves and the quality of Ferraris, even if they drive for McLaren or Mercedes.