Corkcicle Decapitator and Chillsner

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Corkcicle Decapitator and Chillsner
Price: $32.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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People are going to buy this for the name alone. C’mon! Who doesn’t want to own a Decapitator!

Time to check out the product page for the Decapitator and the Chillsner

An OLD version of the same thing. Works just fine, but I need another.


Dumbest ship I’ve ever sailed past.

2 cold beers, or luke-warm beers? Its almost as good as a refrigerator, but for the people that buy warm beer. the bad beer.

instant d.bag for his atrocities within his posts.

When was the last time you opened a beer and thought, “Damn, this is so difficult. If only there was an easier way to do it, this bottle-opener is just so clumsy!”?

Never. I mean, you can open a beer bottle like a million ways, why buy this?

So is the decapitator and better than any of the other Sentol knock-offs. And why does it cost so much more than a genuine Sentol?

Note that you will be drinking beer with pursed lips as shown in the second last photo.

4.5 Stars on the Chillsner over at

hey could you send mine directly to goodwill? because this is some grade J crap.

From the shape of these It looks like people willing to spend that kind of cash will be putting them somewhere other then their beer. If you know what I mean.

AND that the first sip will be warm to make room for the thing!
If you really can’t wait long enough for your beer to cool down (45 minutes in an ice bath vs 45 minutes to freeze the chillsner), you might want to re-visit your standing at AA…

Are those Hipster catheters?

And who’s ever had a real problem using a 99¢ bottle opener?

Solutions to 1st World problems. No wonder the rest of the world hates us…

I’ve got this thing on my keychain that works just fine and it only cost a couple bucks. But, I guess there’s a sucker born every minute and someone’s got to separate them from their money. It might as well be Woot!

Why do people keep trying to come up w/ ways to open bottles? And the chiller thing in the bottle is just ridiculous.

Only Corkcicle, MMP, and Amazon direct are authorized sellers of this item. Any of seller may be counterfeit and will not have a warranty from Corkcicle.

Ooooohhhh… CORKcicle! I totally mis-read that part (and let’s be honest- given the shape, who could blame me?).