Corn Chowder, 6 oz.- 6 Pack

Corn Chowder, 6 oz.- 6 Pack

Awesome! I see our local Cooke Tavern Soups has rebranded as “Happy Valley” and rolled out nationwide! We love their soups and they also make great starters to being creative and adding your own twist on the recipe with additional ingredients, etc. In addition, many of their soups are gluten-free, which is a “win” for the two members of our family with Celiac disease.

Any idea when these will ship? I’m super stoked to get!

Morning. Soon? The gourmet type items take a bit longer to ship than other items as they come direct and often made to order.

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Thanks TT…the tracking us mucked up…it states its due today but it hasn’t left wine country yet…fingers crossed!