Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mountain & Napa Valley Cab - 2 Pack

Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mountain & Napa Valley Cab - 2 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping

1 2004 Howell Mountain Cornerstone Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2005 Napa Valley Cornerstone Cabernet Sauvignon
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Previous offer:

I saw this previous, and dont remember much, which is why I prolly didint buy it…

Last woot in august.
Still not sure if I shoud go in. Meant to be v good. And cheaper than that Juslyn.

Edit: Went in for it! International style experiment for me, but it’s got rave reviews!

This is at least the 2nd appearance in a Woot Off. Interesting as you would have thought they had sold out.

I thought the decanter marked the end of the Woot-Off, yet I still see the Mall Cop Lights.

Oo, I got first sucker!

how much was the Ramsay 6-pack? I feel like I missed out on a good deal!

Yeah, in on this one too…

Don’t you mean…

Previous Offer:8/11/10

It was like $10/bottle, retails at the winery for about $20.

He did mean that. And that’s what I said when I’d already posted it in a LOWER post! Time travel makes you incorrect!

Look at woot history here.

Yum~ in for one.

In for one. I visit cornerstone in yountville pretty often and this is way cheaper than I can buy it at the winery and actually makes it one of the cheapest ways to get any Howell Mtn Cab. If I hadn’t just blown nearly a grand at K&L I might have picked up 2.

Interesting if were not ending with a decanter what could it be?

got one to try,

what did you get at k&L. Great shop. Spot the KR Esoterica PN?

Atlas Peak!

I seriously have TOO much wine now…but these have some pretty great reviews and I just couldn’t help myself. Better get to drinking!