Corningware Bakeware

Does anyone have anything like this? Looks kinda convenient for outside/ office.

Which one? The mug or the 7 piece sets? I like the 7 piece set. Light but sturdy.

i have the corningware french white pieces and the mug (in both the blue shown here and in white). the dishes bake food evenly and are simple to clean. the mug is very well made–i regularly use it to make oatmeal–and handy for all kinds of heating and reheating in the microwave.

I ordered this bakeware set (the colored one) earlier and it arrived broken. The quality of the set was nice but the packing and padding was not great. Returning it and getting a refund was easy though.

I was surprised though, it is nothing like the old corningware, it is more like pottery. It is nice enough but by no means remotely as good as the old stuff, unfortunately.

$30 at Walmart, repeated comments of it arriving broken. Was interested, but will pass on this one.

Wooted the 7-piece set a few months back and I really like it. Nothing was broken and I thought the packaging was ridiculously awesome.

I would like it even better if the smaller side dishes and ramekins had plastic lids for the fridge; anyone know of aftermarket or replacement ones that will fit these?

I had one of these mugs in college, it was perfect for the microwave. I have the French white set too. I like corningware - sturdy, easy to clean, can go in the oven or the microwave and the dishwasher.

one more note: the french white set is true, solid stoneware; it is much more substantial in weight and thickness than the other corningware sets listed, which are a bit more like the ceramic-glass style you often see in dinnerware.

just bought the 7pc white linen set at the hsn outlet store for 19$… just saying and they have TONS of them. they also had this in a whole bunch of colors. same exact set. quality is decent. its worth the 19$ we paid but imo not even close to the retail. 35$ imo is not a great deal for this set though. also know the smallest bowls are very very small.