CorningWare FID#HOMED9415W2350:29.99:130

CorningWare FID#HOMED9415W2350:29.99:130
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I bought this set a while back , and they are not your mothers or grandmothers CorningWare-

This company bought the old CorningWare company and indeed cut some corners- its not the same process in manufacturing, the lids don’t fit securely on the bowls, and in all are thinner-

Fine for what they are just don’t expect the awesome old school CorningWare-

Also have these and there terrible, the lack of rim created a safety hazard as you can easily drop, these sit in bottom of cupboard collecting dust

No handles or any way to carry them when hot. I donated mine and bought real corningware from their online site. Cost more but worth it.

Same exact set $49.99 on Amazon.
Looks like a great deal to me.

If it ain’t freezer-to-stovetop safe, it ain’t Mom’s Corningware.

Looks like the Corningware site now sells some of the original style pieces, the ones referred to as Pyroceram. Their selection is a huge improvement over 10-15 years ago when the only place I could find any was a single website in Canada. Of course most of the good stuff is out of stock.

Still wish I could find their large rectangular lasagna-sized baking dish. Might have to swipe Mom’s.

I have some too. Had a problem finding them. I do not like to zap (re-heat in a micro) items with a plastic tops. The glass lids don’t add chemicals or tastes to the food.

Adding glass lids to the CorningWare dishes makes it easier to use them in the microwave without ruining the rubber lids. As I have done several times. To my wife’s chagrin.

These are excellent containers for microwaving.

No handles…just…does…not…compute…

They make metal “serving cradles” for these. Some sets are sold with them, others, like this, are not. They are safe to use in the oven. But if you want some handles for your set and you like this deal, search for CorningWare French White Serving Cradles on the interwebs.

Yes, to confirm what others have said, this is not the original Corningware - French White is only common stoneware. It can become scratched and discolored soon after using it, can break if dropped or banged, and can not be used on a stovetop or under a broiler.

The real CorningWare is known as Pyroceram. It can go from freezer to broiler/microwave/stovetop/oven, and then into the dishwasher. It is remarkably durable for daily use and with little effort looks new even after decades. Further, it’s almost impossible to break. (Remember the clear lids are Pyrex glass and can only be used in the oven and microwave, and can be broken just like a Pyrex measuring cup.)

Some would say the downside is the price. For example a 3 liter and 2 liter casserole set with the Pyrex lids is $99. I say it’s a great deal.

Handles? Not for French White; use potholders. As noted for some of the Pyroceram sizes there were metal trivets (cradles), and also detachable metal and black plastic handles; these items can usually be found on eBay.