CorningWare Traditions-16 Pieces

This is a deal. We can’t find any bowls at home so this is wonderful.

Does anyone know if these dishes are totally glazed or if there is a ring uncoated bisque?

We had a problem with some kind of growth on our previous stoneware’s underside, if we didn’t leave it out to dry for several days before placing it in the cupboard.

But are these oven safe? If yes, what is the temperature limit?

It’s stoneware so it should be oven safe, but i wouldn’t treat it like Pyrex. If you are going to put it in the oven, let it gradually heat up first, don’t put it in a pre-heated oven or it might crack.

Read this and the 2 comments before pulling the trigger:

So is that a rich cream color or yellow? 'Cause if its cream, I want them. I just can’t tell on my monitor, and I don’t really care to end up with 12 place settings of goldenrod…

Any color other than smoker’s yellow would be greatly appreciated, Woot!

What’s the point of this? “don’t buy stoneware”? Nobody is buying this because it’s CorningWare, they’re buying it because it’s a durable service for four for under 20 bucks.

My roommate and I each purchased a set, yay, now we can entertain