Cornucopia of Canopies

I can get an EZ-up for about the same price locally.

How do these compare? Are they sturdier?

Look at reviews before you buy. Reviews are pretty bad.

Here’s a post I made from a previous woot appearance:

We still use Quik Shade and E-Z UPs–still feel both are great, each having their own strong points.

Hope this helps!


10x10 on some of the cheaper models are really 8x8. They measure the legs and not the canopy size. Same for many other brands with angled legs.

I was fooled by this years ago on the quickshade brand :frowning:

The quick shade with the awning has me intrigued. It seems like this would be a great feature to keep the sun out of your face when it is not directly over you.

Anyone have any experience with this model?

I got two of the quickshade summit 170 tents in this sale. Just took them out of the box for the first time this summer.

Both tents were broken. The plastic hinge pieces at 2 corners of one tent were broken, and 3 corners of the other tent. In addition, the joint for the arms of one tent was also broken (at the interior, rather than a corner).

Very dissatisfied. Will follow up with Woot and the manufacturer and see about coverage under the 1 year warranty.