Corona Clipper Fusion Handheld Multi-Tool – 2 Pack

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What is the handle of the tool made out of? I’m talking about the red and black parts. Is that metal or plastic?

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Corona Clipper Fusion Handheld Multi-Tool – 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 2 Corona Clipper MT5911 Fusion 11 Multi-Tool

Army knife for geeks

coronas and clippers don’t go well together, me thinks.

Purchased 3 of the multi-tools during the Wootoff. I suppose these are a little different, but I can’t imagine needing two more, even though I like these better. haha

That is plastic. I don’t know exactly what it’s called, but I have that type of plastic on some of my own tools and its proved to be both lightweight and highly durable.

If it only had pliers instead of a pruner. If only…

boringg 2 for tuesday, guess ill wait againn wooot

Any idea what the handles are made of? Looks like plastic, which is ok if they’re full tang.

No wonder they are selling the pair so cheap - it is plain to see in the picture that one of them was built upside down. How hard will that be to prune with!

The best part about getting two is you can use them to sharpen each other until the blades get unbearably sharp!

Yeah, then we’ll see whose boss, phonebook!

Those are some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen. Great marketing!

So if I use them together I have scissors?


I own the Corona Fusion 9 Multi-tool Bypass Pruner and have used it sporadically in my job as Manager of Grounds in a campus setting. The tool has some nice qualities, it folds away compactly, can be worn on the belt in an inconspicuous manner, and has sharp shears that work well for trimming lightweight plant material. It works well for deadheading flowers, spot trimming of the sort a manager might handle, and its best use – to be there all the time – is ideal.

My beefs, however, are two and they are major.

First, the blades inside the handle have no means of locking, nor do they stay inside the handle well. On two occasions, I’ve been cut by the point of the knife when it slightly protruded from the handle storage area while folding away the bypass cutter. The first time I chalked it up to operator error, but even after taking much care in folding away the pruner, I’ve been cut again. The knife blade simply drops out of the handle by its own weight, and when it protrudes just a bit – not always enough to notice while folding – it cuts. I’ve to tighten up the screws/rivets (not clear if they are screws or rivets) to make the blades tighter in the handle, and have had some success, but they are still not as firmly stored as I would like. As the owner of several other multi-tools, Leatherman, Schrade, and Gerber, I know that there are better ways to safely insure that the blades stay inside the handles of a tool of this nature than the Corona product.

My second beef is that the tool broke while trimming an evergreen branch of approximately 1/8" stem diameter. As I was cutting the branch, I heard a snap and the cutter anvil failed to close all the way. When I examined the tool, I noticed that the handle was snapped part way off where the screw went through to the cutter blade. When I went to fold up the tool, the handle snapped the rest of the way off, rendering the tool useless.

I am in process of contacting Corona to see about warranty on this tool. They promise a lifetime warranty, and I expect that they will stand behind their product. If they do not, I will amend this review.

At the end of the day, I would consider purchasing a different product, and I cannot recommend this particular tool. Note that this is not a strike against Corona, who manufactures some of the best pruning devices in the Grounds market – just THIS particular tool, which I found to be both dangerous in manufacture and weak in construction.

I have a couple sets. Incredibly solid: durable, blades have maintained, and no rust! I keep one in the tackle box, and one in my car. I use them both frequently and love them! I paid quite a bit more, so this is a great deal! In for 3 sets!

The fact that you have to ask indicates you probably shouldn’t be allowed to play with one.

11 tools in 1:

■Bypass pruner
■Wire cutter
■Bottle opener
■Wire stripper
■Sprinkler Tool
■Point blade knife
■Bag ripper
■Half serrated knife

I will never have to search around for these things again. All-in-one is totally for me. You never know when you might need it… working on a project or even getting yourself out of a tough situation…

Corona is a really good brand. I have some of their garden shears and they do the job. Don’t think I’d have use for this little number though.