Corona Clipper Fusion Handheld Multi-Tool – 2 Pack

Here’s a better idea of what it is!

So you’re telling me you’ve never seen colored metal before?

This Amazon review (edit: which is copied above) implies it’s made of plastic - and breaks.

Bizrate points to the Amazon review too. G.L. Fredrick is certainly getting a lot of attention, but I’m going to go with the statement that Corona makes great tools, lifetime warranty and the fact that I’m not a professional gardening manager.

Is this anything like the one used by Les Stroud (Survivorman)?

When you absolutely, positively need to cut or slice something in the wild, use this.

Customer Review on Amazon

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oh yeah its a two pack… I am ordering more…

does anyone know what kind of steel they use in these?

How does the quality compare to that of similar Leatherman Tools?

Who needs “wilds”? I’d get my money’s worth. Choppin broccoli, slicin coupons AND clipping grandpa’s ridiculously thicky pinky-toe nail. It’s all fair game.

What’s the sprinkler tool?

I use to work at a big box home store. This sold for $12+ a piece… This is a great deal and even better, they work great too! I highly suggest these.

Do your research before you buy…BEWARE

But can it Core a apple?

i would think not. the fact that they aren’t bragging about the steel type probably means it isn’t a whole lot to brag about.

my guess is that they cut corners on steel and used a cheap 410 steel

it isn’t cut out for rough use, but it is perfect for around the house stuff.

Yes, what IS a sprinkler tool? was wondering the same thing…

Obviously no plants were harmed while shooting the photos…

pruner and bottle opener? sounds good if i wanna have some beers and prune…

lower, much lower.

but you’ll NEVER find lethermans this cheap. if you’re not a camping enthusiast, this will do just fine.

if you want something a little more durable, save the extra $60 for a letherman

I’m pretty sure the sprinkler tool to adjust the heads of an automatic sprinkler system.