Corona Clipper Fusion Handheld Multi-Tool – 2 Pack

Cool,another end of the world tool. I’m thinking Survivorman- Omega.

I know because I bought one =P Just making sure I didn’t shell out for nothin’.

Corona is a good brand of garden tools. I have the Corona pruners and I love them.

in for one

The sprinkler tool is used to adjust sprinkler heads on most major brands. It can adjust the length of dispersion as well as the stop points on a rotating head.

Does the bottle opener work on all beers, or just Coronas?

In for 1 (er, 2). My church has adopted part of the Colorado trail, and this may come in handy when we do trail maintenance up there this summer!

Well, based on the price point, it’s about 1/10th as good. Of course, I’d say that’s probably wishful thinking.

I dare you to spend a few hours trying to prune with these things…

Yeah bro - pull this out and that mugger will laugh himself stupid, after he guts you with the sprinkler tool.

McGuyver would be jealous of me if I had this.


In for a pair. Figure at this price, they could be almost disposable, and would still have gotten my money’s worth!

MacGruber, maybe. McGuyver, no way.

Don’t know if there is much of a difference, but the one with the bad review is an MT 3850 and the one on Woot is an MT 5911. Looks to be the same but is it an improved version of the 3850?

It has different blades.

The Woot description says “Easy to use thumb lock keeps the blades locked in to prevent accidental injury” – looks pretty unambiguous to me. In for two 2-fers.

9-Function tool for the garden
9 Function tool for the garden
• Bypass cutting action to promote clean,
healthy plants
• Stainless steel features include:
Bypass Pruner
Bottle Opener
Sprinkler Tool
Flat Screwdriver
Half Serrated Blade
Pruning Knife MT 3850
• Bonus pouch for
tool storage
Bypass pruners with multiple garden implements in the palm of your hand.

• 11-Function tool for the garden
• Bypass cutting action to promote clean,
healthy plants
• Stainless steel features include:
-Bypass Pruner
-Wire Cutter
-Bottle Opener
-Wire Stripper
-Sprinkler Tool
-Point Blade Knife MT 5911
-Bag Ripper
-Half Serrated Blade
• Bonus pouch for
tool storage

So there is a difference.

Hahah, McGruuuubeerrr!

Not much to add except the warranty is stated by the manufacturer here

Im in for 1; 1 for my electronics and 1 for my wifes garden

Is this compatible with Mac(Gyver)?