Correcting Your Grammar

So many of my friends – with grammar other than mine, of course ; )

The “good cop” of grammar police.

…unless it’s on the internet.

Isn’t it bad grammar to capitalize every word in a sentence?

Great lines on this design.

Im Pretty Sure Your Wrong About That,

Wait, is it on Navy or Black? Unless I need a serious reset to my screen, it looks black, but says navy…

(If black, my husband is getting several.)

There is nothing silent about my grammar correcting.

It’s navy.

I have entirely too many Woot t-shirts already, but just can’t resist this one! It will be a nice change from all my t-shirts featuring cute kitties.

I’m silently correcting your font abuse.

I got halfway through the first paragraph of the write-up & I couldn’t take it anymore. I was losing my mind, great job!

I really want to wear this in front of my boss who is constantly saying “ek cetera” instead of “et cetera.” But I also really want to keep my job.

I’ve seen MANY incarnations of this shirt on the internets, but none with as much “flair”. Well job.

That has to be the absolute worst write up ever, it made me grind my teeth. Great job!

Your non-PC lack of cultural sensitivity is showing - kudos!

There’s also no punctuation at the end of the sentence.

It’s a shame this shirt is correcting punctuation and not grammar.