Correlation between being a leftie and a geek


I noticed that with today’s woot, the Cleveland driver (golf club), that a lot of people complained it wasn’t left handed, so there must be a decent amout of left handers on woot. And no offense to any of use wooters, but we’re slightly geeky for trying to get woots. Not too many “normal” people stay up late wooting.

Anyway, the left handed wooter geek thing got me thinking, and I really haven’t meet a leftie who isn’t into gadgets and gizmos, who hasn’t studied science, math, or engineering, and who really isn’t a geek? I mean, if you’re left handed as a child, does that automatically mean you’ll grow up to be a geek? Look, I am a dork, I won’t deny it, but I’m right handed. I’ve known other people like myself, right handed, who aren’t dorks, in fact, they’re “cool.” But I have never once meet a left handed person who is cool! Have any of you? Anybody got an explaination for the correlation between being a leftie and being a geek?


What percentage of the people you know are geeks. Correlate that with the percentage of people who are left handed to figure the odds.

Wiki says 8-15% of people are lefties. If you’ve known the handedness of 500 people, then that comes to about 50 lefties. If 90% of the people you know the handedness of are geeks, then you are asking there to be an overlap between the 50 lefties and the 50 non-geeks out of a pool of 500. Not too likely. Do you really know the handedness of 500 people? Do you know it because of doing things like geeky projects? Does knowing the handedness of someone tend to happen when sharing activities that are geek related?

By the way, I am a righty, non-geek. Yah, I’m one of those cool dudes, man.




I notice you use the words “us wooters”…
Consideting you joined 2 days ago and this is your first post…

either you are embarressed as to who you really are or…


my dad is left-handed (would it be more pc to say a person of handedness?) and he is not a geek


Everybody is a person of handedness. Your dad is handedness-challenged.


Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)
Glenn Frey (the Eagles)
Jimi Hendrix
Isaac Hayes
Tony Iommi, guitarist (Black Sabbath)

Albrecht Dürer
M.C. Escher
Paul Klee
LeRoy Neiman

Robert Blake
Charlie Chaplin
Tom Cruise
Matt Dillon
Larry Fine (of the Three Stooges)
Peter Fonda
Peter Graves
Mark Hamill
Angelina Jolie
Nicole Kidman
Lisa Kudrow
Marilyn Monroe
Mickey Rourke
Christian Slater
Bruce Willis


ahem, you forgot me. :slight_smile:


err, no, no I didn’t.



I know lots of geeks. I have this thing for dating geeky guys (who of course have geeky friends). None of them are left-handed. I think your theory is not valid.


As a leftie I can confirm some of the geekiness. I studied Chemistry and Biology in college and am now in med school. Clearly, I am a bit of a nerd/geek. Such is life. However, my little sister is also a leftie, and she and math/science, well, they don’t get along so well. Shes going into business currently. And shes considered generally cool. So from my anecdotal, non-scientifically supported proof, it doesn’t always hold. Now I just want to know how my 2 rightie parents had 2 leftie kids. Figure that one out.


You sure you’re not adopted?


Long time, no see. Have you checked the mailman?


parents were relatively old when they had the left handed kids?


To all the people above who wanted me to check the mailman and if I were adopted…snif I might be a little hurt.

As for the lefties being born to righties thing, its on both sides of my family, so I guess its a fluke of genetics or something.


Dry your tears, you know we were kidding.


And the old parents thing, thats true for things like Downs Syndrome…but last time I checked, being a leftie wasn’t a genetic disease :slight_smile:


But of course…I never thought otherwise


How’s school going?


Not bad…I am now doing my psychiatry rotation. I get to talk to crazy people every day! Actually, its pretty interesting…just a lot of work. But getting to actually do things in the hospital instead of sitting around a lecture hall is probably the best part of school yet. Its hard to explain why sticking a needle into someone’s spinal column to get some fluid is AWESOME, but it is. And much better than just learning about it.

To all those lefties (and maybe even the righties) who want to go to med school: Its a pain in the butt with all the studying and what not in the first two years of school, but its totally worth it when you get to the 3rd and 4th years.