Corroborating Crow

Did the crow get hacked down?

It looks like it’s missing part of its body.

Love it!

Will this shirt be in the top ranks for as long as the raven shirt?

I love the black-and-white texturing with a splash of a single color. The style reminds me of the movie Sin City.

C is for creepy, in the cool way.

Sinister looking shirt there. Darkened crow on a rainy night, and it looks like it is wreathed in a ring of blood.

I think that this would work as a Halloween shirt if you ask me.

Congrats on the print kduece.

If he’s corroborating does that make him a kind of stool pigeon?

Did you know all ravens are crows, but not all crows are ravens. The more you know!

You perfectly captured that knowing look crows have in their eyes. Like it knows how to twirl a red ribbon in gymnastic competitions.
Neat, atmospheric design kdeuce.

Beautiful shirt! Really! And I know grey appropriately has 4 letters, but grey!! At least one out of every 4 shirts I have bought is grey. Bummer.

Gorgeous print. The red ribbon against the dark black is awesome. It reminds me of the Red String of Fate from Japanese lore.

Congrats, Kdeuce!

That’s Russel Crowe, Cameron Crow, Crow Diddly, Jim Crow-nan, Gregory Peck…

A crow flies out of Marge’s hair.

Hmm… Homer, I’m very uncomfortable about having a gang of crows in our bedroom.

It’s a murder, honey. A group of crows is called a murder.

This shirt will go great with my “Clockwork Crow” and “Nevermore” shirts.

Congrats KDeuce!

and a group of crows are referred to as a murder.

Murder of crows :: flock of birds

woo hoo! Another bird shirt! Congrats on the print, KDeuce!

It’s Crow from Deadman wonderland!

That show is superboss. :smiley:

Does any other bird in all of folklore harbor such an insidious reputation as the crow? Not only is it considered an omen of death, but a group of them is described as a murder.

The question then is this: Do you purchase the shirt and show that you have no fear, or do you cower away from the “I want one” button and allow the bird’s ominous presence to intimidate you?

ohh iv never bought a shirt from woot… just random shirts! must… resist…