Corsair 750-Watt Modular Power Supply

Is this like a power bank?

This is a fantastic power supply. I replaced an earlier PSU as I wanted something fully modular and utterly silent. This fit the bill and then some. Highly recommended.

No, this is a power supply to replace one in a desktop computer.

single 12v rail - great for upgraded video cards

This is the same PSU that I have had in my computer since 2011. It has been very reliable and survived two different enclosures. My first enclosure was small with very high temperature and in a dusty environment. Last year, I replaced it with a larger case with dust filters. It’s been humming smoothly for 4 years now!

It also has an adapter so you can use 8-pin GPUs for the gamers out there.

Review at JonnyGuru.

At the regular price ($70-80), there are better options, but for $50, I could see picking this up for a backup or for a machine that isn’t going to be run too hard.

Would be great if woot offered a little more info right on the description page, 12v rail amps, fan speeds/noise, etc! But anyways

Nice or not, clearly a few were not so “reliable” and are now being sent back into the wild. If there is anything I’ve learned in my IT years is there are SOME items that you just don’t stick back in a PC that’s been ‘refurbished’. Power supplies and hard drives are two.