Corsair Analog Gaming Headset

Lots and lots of reviews (3.6 out of 5.0) over at Amazon

I’ve had a pair of these as well as the Vengeance 1500 for over a year now and don’t know what I’d do without them. Very comfortable for long durations, and because they surround the ears completely, they help eliminate environmental sounds.

For reference:Corsair Vengeance 1300 Analong Headset

$39.99 tonight

video review

good night

I was going to be all over these if they were the 1500s. Maybe next time!

I have the 1500s that I primarily use for working at home. They’re easily the most comfortable headset coupled with the best sound/function I’ve encountered. Crystal clear audio quality sending and receiving, not to mention that the cups completely surround the ears and do a great job of drowning out background noise. The 1300s obviously will be similar. In comparison to the 1500s the biggest issue I can see is that these are not USB compatible. Bummer.

I’ve owned a couple of pair of these headsets. They sound great and you can’t beat the price, but be warned.

Keep your cord away from your feet. One small tug, will make these develop a short in the wire. I had to RMA these twice, each pair lasted about 4 months before they would start shorting out from even the slightest tugs on the wire.

I was examining my Plantronics Gamecom 367 headset while watching the video review of the Corsair Vengeance 1300, and noticed one of the earpads on my headset was starting to come unattached after a year’s use. :frowning:
I like the extra durability that the braided cord on the Corsair headset implies. I’m also thinking about the possibility of eventually going to a wireless headset, to eliminate the problem of the cord getting stepped on/caught in a desk chair’s casters/sat on by the elderly family dog/etc… :slight_smile:

Corsair CA-9011111-WW Vengeance 1300 Analog Gaming Headset - Price Comparisons

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if this had a USB connector on them I would get them but they don’t so im going to pass.
I need something for my PS3.

For anyone concerned about these not having USB, you can try an adapter like these:

I had a really nice headset a few years ago that was audio jacks only, and used them with an adapter like these, it worked great for me and these have pretty good reviews.

Hoping you gaming guys can help - would these be good for computer headphones, too? Or are they only for gaming consoles? I need a good pair for sound editing.

These will work with computers, as the end connector has headphone and microphone jacks.

I have a pair of the Corsair Vengeance 1500’s and they only work on my PC and not my Xbox, but I haven’t tried them with my friend’s PS3 because well, his PS3 isn’t at my house. DAMN COMFY, THOUGH! I literally cannot hear conversations with my folks when I have these puppies on. Mm!

I’ve been looking for a nice headset for awhile, and while I really wanted a Turtle Beach or a Razer, their prices are just out of the roof. I just talked to my friend who almost bought a Corsair headset, and instead he went with a Plantronics for $50… then he tells me the one he bought has 40mm drivers, while this is $10 cheaper and has 50mms.

The more I hem and haw and try to be picky, the better of a deal this seems to be. Combined with the fact that I’m fully a PC gamer, and don’t care that these aren’t immediately compatible with the Xbox 360 or PS3, I went ahead and grabbed these.

My first Woot! purchase. Hope I’m as satisfied with these as everyone else! Thanks.

I own these, perfect for gaming and adequate for music. They are very comfortable head phones but the bass response could be better. I paid more for these and I’m still satisfied with my purchase.

I have used these for a year and a half. I love them. Comfortable. Still works perfectly. I want another pair.