Corsair Gaming H2100 Wireless Dolby® 7.1 Gaming Heads

I bought these recently. They were definitely used if you looked closely, but they seemed basically new. Sound is great. They have strong range. Very comfy ear cups. They came with no instructions. You’ll need to download software. Equivalent units cost upwards of $100 so this is a good deal.

Had a totally different experience. Mine were seemingly unused with no scratches, nicks or anything marring the surface, but the range is horrible. I can walk maybe a few steps away and the signal will start to go in and out. Around any corner and the signal drops entirely.

The sound quality is… horrible. Perhaps part of the used quality. I have to keep the volume turned down to about 10-15 to keep the distortion out and cannot use the 7.1 mode or else everything, even when turned down to almost muted, distorts. Seriously… but there’s known issues with this and people complaining elsewhere on the internet, so I guess I got one of those pairs or something.

I own some G930’s from Logitech and they are far superior in sound and range and comfort, though the H2100s are still pretty cumfy. The large earcups do go around my hears and the headband pressure is tight enough to keep them from falling off (though I don’t really run that risk very often). My G930’s would let me go down stairs to my fridge in the garage and still work great. At work, I could go to the restroom with the G930’s on. With my H2100’s I don’t even get to out of line of sight of my workstation before the signal dies. And I use the wireless feature to continue to chat with customers while walking to other engineers in the support center and discussing support cases.

They are a decent pair for the price and are working fine as a backup pair while my G930’s are being sent in for repair… I’m hoping the H2100’s are more durable… and hoping that Logitech doesn’t mind when they get the G930’s back in the box my H2100’s came in, which comes with nothing except the cables and receiver and the cans themselves.

As stated above, you need to download the software otherwise they won’t work. Other headphones I’ve had and used work without specific drivers but these won’t. And the on/off is odd anyway… not sure how long you have to hold the button to turn it on and off but it seems to be around 3 seconds or so for each action… not sure.