Corsair Gaming K95 Mechanical Keyboard

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Corsair Gaming K95 Mechanical Keyboard
Price: $89.99
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This is a fantastic keyboard. I’ve got the K90, and it’s lasted me 5 years with zero issues.

Question for you or anybody: how loud are the keys? My toddlers bedroom is pretty close to my office and my current keyboard is loud enough to wake them up at night.


I saw many reviews on Amazon saying that LED goes out within a few month of use. Wondering if anyone had the LED issue…

Dang! I just bought a backlit keybord. This is a much better deal. The price is great. I had my old one so long, I wore off the letters on the keys. lol

My old roommate had one and within a year or less at least one LED in the middle of the keyboard was out, possibly more. That common issue kept me away from buying it in the past as it would bother me too much.

They’re quite loud.

To be real, if you’re looking for quiet mechanical keys look for Brown switches. That’s what I have on mine at home so my GF can sleep while I game.

I own the k90 and my co-worker owns the k95.

We use them at work, so we type on them about 6 hours a day minimum, 5 days a week. We’ve owned them for a little under a year.

Absolutely 0 issues.

No ghosting, no failed actuators or switches. No LED issues.

I bought one last time around and love it. It’s louder than my old keyboard, but my wife and I share an office and she hasn’t complained–and she’s 5 feet away.

I guess this is my own fault, but I assumed this was the RGB version of this keyboard. It is not, and just has the white backlight. I’ll keep it, in the end, but I am a bit saddened. I somehow got the thought in my mind that this was the K95 RGB. It is NOT.

Louder than a rubber dome keyboard but the Red switches this has are about as quiet as you can get while being mechanical. They not “clicky” in any way but the sound is the key bottoming out. This can be made even more quiet by adding small rubber o-rings under every key which softens and quiets the bottom out.

I have had this keyboard since shortly after launched and it is still going strong. The #1 key on the keypad had a dead LED from day one but I didn’t care to return it. After 5ish years I am still loving it and all other LEDs have remained on.

Great price. I am contemplating picking one up as a spare for when this one craps out.