Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboards - Two Colors

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Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboards - Two Colors
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No Cherry MX Blue?

Have the K70 keyboard myself and can vouch for the quality (Cherry MX blue “clicky” keys.) as well as Corsair’s warranty. Really top notch keyboard from a really top notch company.

So i originally asked about a model number and was thinking this is a K70. It looks like this is an older model K70, going for about $150 on amazon.

The Specs state K70; but I’ll have our buyers confirm, just to be sure.

I edited my original comment, looks like it’s an older model K70

While I can’t comment specifically on the Corsair brand keyboard, I will say that these are not just for gamers. If you type extensively for whatever reason — data entry, programming or budding tween romance novelist — the feel and feedback of a mechanical switch keyboard is truly unbeatable. The color of the switch determines what kind of feedback you get. The reds are linear and don’t have a specific indentation point, if I remember correctly. When you press on them they are completely smooth all the way to the stop. The brown switches have a tactile bump but are fairly quiet from what I’ve read, which may be useful in an office setting.

For a sensation closer to the old school IBM mechanical keyboards, I understand the Cherry MX blue switches are recommended because not only do they have a good feedback but they click-clack when actuated.

I’ve got (different brand) keyboard with the more rare MX green switches, which have a much higher activation force, but I love them quite a bit. I’d only recommend these green switches for someone who is a heavy hitter, so to speak. I tend to miss letters from time to time because I don’t hit them hard enough with some of my weaker fingers.

FYI - there are a couple model numbers between the K70 RGB. The only thing different about them are the logos displayed on the keyboard. A lot of people hated the new “tramp stamp” style logo, so they changed it to a more subtle logo-which is the newer one.

The pictures supplied here are of the older logo.

It’s an awesome keyboard either way.

I’ve got the tramp stamp model in browns. Wonderful keyboard. I love the light patterns, the software works great, and the tactile little bump the browns have actually boosts my typing speed by about 10wpm. Absolutely love it and considering getting another for the secondary computer because transitioning back to a membrane keyboard is disappointing.

Not sure what the warranty is on this (is it covered by the 90 day refund?), but definitely grabbing one for the killer price that is offered.

I’ve got this keyboard in red LED only (not RGB) with MX Reds for work - the red switches are a little noisy, so I got little o-rings to dampen it a bit so my coworkers don’t kill me. At home, I have a Logitech G710+ with MX Browns and o-rings as well. Honestly, not sure that I prefer one over the other, but mechanical keyboards are the way to go imo.

There are 2 revisions of the K70. 2015 and 2016 model. The 2015 has a few cosmetic differences, most prominently an older, more tribal logo. The 2016 has the newer logo with sails.


Corsair strafe silent $100 “silent” switches, with integrated noise dampeners. Not sure if red or brown switch, i think it might be red

I have the k95. I would advise hesitation when it comes to dealing with Corsair. Their customer service is garbage.

My K95 (maybe fixed on this board) is infamour for having zero ESD shielding. This means the LEDs are constantly dying. I have about 30 keys out right now.

The CSR sent me a replacement, but ONLY after I paid to have mine shipped to them for verification of fault. I did that.

Got the new one and immediately keys were going dark again. I contacted them again, and despite the problem being widespread (check amazon) they wouldn’t do anything about it.

The board is nice mechanically. Don’t expect CSR/CS policy to be nice should you need them.

Just a heads up on that. Don’t mean to be salty, but I was/am. $150 keyboard you want it to be awesome. :slight_smile:

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Corsair had issues with the RGB blue switches from Cherry. Some of them were shorting out. So, they decided to do a run without any blues. Who knows if, or when, the blues will come back.

FYI, the Corsair Strafe keyboard has RGB Blues and is the same price new. I thought I would not like the browns, but I really do. And so do my coworkers. ;). They’re quieter than the blues but still have a little bit of a tactile feedback.

I absolutely love my K70 Cherry MX Brown keyboard I got over a year ago. Works great, just like the day I bought it. Haven’t had any issues yet. I use it both on OSX and Windows, mostly for computer programming but some gaming on the side too.

Correct. Is is the older K70 model as shown in the pics. :slight_smile:

I honestly was not aware of that.

Well, you convinced me. I’ll give the Browns a go!