Corsair Performance 3 128GB SSD



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Corsair Performance 3 128GB SSD
$78.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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question…i have been up for 39 hours. Did I miss the boc


There was some sort of strange Treasure Hunt earlier


ok bag of shit


C’mon, c’mon woot… where is the 256GB one???


Hey. This is actually a pretty good deal. Wierd…


Seriously? Now I have to work for it to? Bad enough I NEVER can get one but staying up all night isnt enough?


Yeah, they cheesed us yesterday, if you recall. The BOC was sold out before the last piece was presented, damn nerds!


Not the greatest reviews though…


I’m counting this as 8 if I’m correct. Thought I still have MJ’s iv “sleep med” (sedative) in my system, so I could be wrong.


Yes. There will be another one today, though. Check the forums. Lots of drama.


Simplify the drama: Before the last piece was out people figured out the website and had their fun, ruining it for A LOT of other people.


No High School Musical clocks or Winnie the Pooh toothbrush holders for you.


Would be a good deal if not refurbished. Refurbished SSDs are like dumpster food…never quite sure what its been exposed to.


Many seemed to have pissed in the hullabaloo of drama last night, Woot cancelled the orders for everyone who bought one before the last map piece when live and said they are trying to give it to the first 200 people who clicked the link after the final piece.


Do you have 8? I have all seven links saved open in tabs for the ones I have and now you’re scaring me. :slight_smile:


How do we know if the hackers already bought all the bags of craps?


Let’s put all the treasure discussion this way if we can, to keep product discussion from getting entirely derailed. :slight_smile: (Super appreciated!)

If you wanna talk about today’s pirate stuff, walk this way (talk this waaaaay).