Corsair Peripherals

Vengeance 1500 USB headset - good headset, but not a great deal. This sells for $120 at the mothership, but the ‘newer version’ H1500 is only $70, and seems to have the exact same specs.

Raptor HS40 - $34 at the mothership. Decidedly mixed reviews - this one is a pass.

CX500 PSU - this seems to be a great deal. It’s a great little PSU that sells at $50-$60. Biggest downside is it’s not “modular” meaning all the cables are fixed. The closely-related CX500M is modular, allowing you to unplug the cables you don’t want to use, and sells at ~$65.

The M65 mice - reasonable claw/fingertip grip gaming mice that don’t usually make a ‘top ten’ list due to better options at their normal price point. I’ve not used it but I’ve heard complaints about the programming software. Check out Logical Increments for a decent shortlist. The laser sensor probably isn’t as good as the current range of optical sensors - lag and acceleration issues reported.

K70 keyboard - this has the Cherry MX Brown switches, which are “non clicky” tactile (i.e. they have a ‘bump’ in the travel of the key) switches, with a relatively low force spring. Well reviewed keyboard but if you can live without individual key RGB lighting there are much better/cheaper options out there IMHO.

Vengeance Wide MM200 Mouse Mat - same price on mothership with Prime delivery. No deal.

Vengeance MM500 Double Sided mouse mat - updated version (which seems to be a couple of inches shorter in each dimension) is $33 with Prime shipping. No Deal.

Agreed and I couldn’t recommend Corsair PSUs more strongly. That said, I prefer modular as well and the CX500M is not much of an upcharge. If you’re in the market for a non-modular PSU and 500W serves your needs, I’d recommend it.

Corsair CH-9000017-WW is old version and a quick check online finds the new version as low as 32 with free shipping…come on Woot!!

Wish they had more of the K70’s
I have the K70 (non-RGB) and easily judge it as the best keyboard I’ve ever owned. Objectively speaking, this is feedback based on MY preferences, but the build is solid and my recommendations for improvements are easily overcome.

WOOT! thank you for reading my mind!

I am very happy to see you selling Corsair products, I have most of my hardware/peripherals Corsair and I strongly recommend it to any one that is new to PC gaming.

with that being said lets see some more! wouldn’t mind seeing CPU coolers, ram, cases or a SSD or two!

$60 for a goddamn mouse pad (/mat)?!