Corsair Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case

Corsair Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Case

I have the Obsidian 500D case and this appears to be a slightly larger, more capacious version.

I like mine. The connectivity management is quite different than I was used to, to but the physical layout and cable pathing is super clean. Plenty of space on the inside, very easy to get to everything. The smoked glass side panels look like 70’s stereo furniture, and you can pop either side open just by pressing on it. The glass makes the case quite heavy.


I have this exact case, and got it for the “lowest price ever” on amazon for $140, at least according to camel, so this being $40 lower would qualify it as a great price. The panels pop on/off very securely, cable management with velcro and built-in grooves is very easy to manage, there’s ample room to work with in general, fits larger, 800+W power supplies, as well as it supporting a 360mm radiator on top, which is not too common a feature.

For all the comments about ample room, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s quite large (10"w, 20"h, 20"d).

The 3.5" drive tray would conflict with a bottom side fan, and/or a front 360mm radiator. No 5.25" drive is normal these days, but for a case of this size, it was somewhat surprising to see only 2x 3.5" bays.

With so much space up front, it would’ve been nice if they had an option to use the 3x side fan space and allow for more 3.5" hard drives, and/or a 5.25" optical drive. Seems like a bracket or two would’ve allowed for this to happen, so it’s a shame they don’t even offer it as an add-on for extra.

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Here is a youtube review of the case. TLDW: its good but only with the mesh panels. Without the mesh panels its will cause your pc to thermal throttle.

Nothing no the sale page indicates this comes with the mesh panels.

The front mesh panel is a different version of this case. AFAIK it cannot be bought separately.

Could, not will. It’s going to depend on what components are going into the case. An overclocked 12900k + 3090 in it – sure, it will double as a oven. Run a 5600G or 5700G with no dedicated GPU – they’re 65w TDP, under 80w at full load – and I don’t foresee any heat issues.

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