Cory Everson Bilateral Stepper

Looks a bit gimmicky to me… Anyone ever try one of these things?

I would die on this machine. My complete lack of balance mixed with a weak ankle would guarantee I died in Final Destination style.

Can’t walk & chew gum at the same time so looks like a real butt buster too me.

Seems like a lot of wasted energy. They should have added a small power generator to this so I could recharge yesterday’s Duracell rechargeable batteries with it!

Surpised there is no weight limit on this thing. It looks like it will comically fall like a cartoon ladder if someone of weight gets on there.

Here’s a video

check out’s lovely reviews. seems customer service is lacking on this item as its been discontinued and there are no replacement parts if it breaks… also the paperwork indicates you must be under 220 lbs to use it.

This video is awesome! “You step up on each one of these and you just go up and down”

I wonder is 240 is okay… Seems kinda cool but don’t want to break the dang thing.

If I was under 220, I wouldn’t need it! FML!

Lacking isn’t the word, sounds like it’s discontinued. :confused:

Hmmm… I dont have room for a treadmill, and thought this might be a good alternative. Watching the video, tho, it looks more like a rocker then a stepper. I think I’ll sleep on it, then pass. probably.

is there anyone who’s used this?! it has a good concept, only thing is the reviews from amazon saying the height isn’t enough…??

What the heck ever happened to her? She held the Ms. Olympia title for a few years, starred in some bad movies… then nada.

I found it at Walmart with a handful of reviews to o with it…

Lady in the linked video review bought it (in 2008) for $99.99…ouch.

Oh, yeah… I can schedule the hip surgery right now.

I do the same exercise without this machine when my wife is in the bathroom and I have to get in there.

Laughter is almost as good as a workout and you just gave me a few doses. ツ Guess I won’t need one of these.