Cosa Nostra Grammatica

I’m not in the mood for the toys, or games, or kidding. I’m not in the mood for clans. I’m not in the mood for gangs. I’m not in the mood for none of that stuff there. This is gonna be a Cosa Nostra 'til I die. Be it an hour from now, or be it tonight, or a hundred years from now when I’m in jail. It’s gonna be a Cosa Nostra. This ain’t gonna be a bunch of your friends, they’re gonna be friends of ours. But at the same time would be friends of ours, it’s gonna be the way I say it’s gonna be, a Cosa Nostra. A Cosa Nostra.

Sometimes it’s an intentional spelling error, all the cool kidz are doing it. People who correct my spelling/grammar annoy me.

haha but us grammer (
National Socialist German Workers’ Party) members don’t like to reveal our anal tendencies to the world outside the internet; maybe we’ll wear these shirts in in absolute privacy

Don’t mess with the Grammar Mafia…

I have multiple members in my own family - giving me grief for my grammar faux pas…

Thank you Woot community!

Red seems to be the definitive power propaganda color. Add that to the threatening angle of the pencils and people will just back away and use their commas properly (while they can see you).

I don’t get it.

What’s an errorist? And what does Cosa Nostra have to do with grammar?

Whats the fabric like on these shirts and fit?

Poor Alberto, still this Cosa Nostra Grammarfather ain’t got nothin’ on the real Godfather.

I think all the years of having my can’t-spell-to-save-his-life brother has dulled my outrage at other people’s grammar and spelling mistakes…Still I kinda can’t resist

“grammer”? Or is that on purpose somehow?

I think it’s a typo… It must mean Terrorist!

You mean, “Errorist”.

Is this official? If I wear it, can I can I whack someone for saying “heith” instead of “height” and writing “It was raining like cat’s and dog’s”?

Yes, you can. I fully intend to exercise that right.

This is gold!!

Congrats Lyoncc!

Cool design, yo. But what’s that thin stick thing they’re holding? Do they use it to poke the backspace key?

This was an auto-buy for me (in fact, there are two more that are from this derby as well). I spent all day yesterday yelling at people to use the apostrophe in Valentine’s Day [I saw six different posters for evening events at the campus where I work, and it was all I could do not to print out a poster to plaster over them: “This event has been eradicated while the students spend the evening reviewing punctuation rules”]. I decided that might be a bit much, but when I wear this shirt, I will feel totally justified in taking that and other extreme actions.

I want ALL the shirts. Couldn’t you please carry them in larger sizes? I promise to buy them. You could outfit my whole summer wardrobe! C’mon! You know you wanna help a gal out. I would totally rock this shirt.

Congrats to you, Chris!


“Er, boss, I think you mean ‘using “like” as a coordinating conjunction.’”

I’m a copy editor. This was an instabuy. :slight_smile: