Cosentino Winery 1.5Liter 2005 Napa Valley Secret Clone Cabernet Sauvignon

Cosentino Winery 1.5Liter 2005 Napa Valley Secret Clone Cabernet Sauvignon
$129.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 1.5Liter 2005 Napa Valley Secret Clone Cabernet Sauvignon
CT link above - PLEASE NOTE 1.5L Size when entering into CT

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Ask and you shall receive. Here’s the Magnum everyone was asking for. :tongue:

If I can’t get at least four bottles, it isn’t worth the shipping.

So I gather the Cosentino is to wine as the neutrino is to matter?

= $68.50 per standard bottle shipped.

What is with all the cabs today? We need some nice light summer wines, Woot Dieties!! :slight_smile:

Slow start to this one…

Does this magnum come with a moustache and a Ferrari?

I have a question maybe someone here can answer: If I buy a wine off woot, do I have to be at home to pick it up? Reason why im asking is that I work from 5am - 6pm and of course I ride my bicycle cling cling kind 5 miles to work each day. My housing development has mail boxes at the side of the street specificly made for boxes. Would this suffice?

I would love to be able to purchase your Wine.woot items; however, due to the antiquated laws in my backwards state, you cannot deliver alcohol to my address. I hate the idiot lawmakers of this state!

you must be home, 21 and sober to sign for the package - can you get it shipped to your work?

Wine delivery requires a signature by someone who is not drunk and over 21. Woot recommends using a business address, but it sounds like that might prove challenging if you cycle to work. You may need to invest in some panniers so you can shuttle bottles home from work (if they allow you to receive packages there of course).

This stuff is $100 per 750ml bottle from the winery.

Or you can always redirect it to you local fedex office once you recieve your tracking number from WW’s email.

It took 16 minutes! The 6L sold faster than this.

You know, I just don’t know this Cosentino place. Or where exactly they source their grapes. I mean, if it was Howell Mountain, or Atlas Peak, I might have a clue.

Its just a bit expensive, for no rats or winery participation (that I have seen - might have missed it in an earlier woot).

There were no previous woots before this woot-off. And there was winery participation in the last offer.
I stopped at the winery last July before dinner at Mustards. Didn’t think the wines were anything special- But, I didn’t try any of the higher end ones.

I’m a little disappointed in the prices during this woot-off. For a winery that’s liquidating, I’d expect to see better pricing, especially since we’re gambling on the fact that these wines have been stored correctly.

What are your thoughts?

And we know what state he lives in!