Cosentino Winery 2004 Legends Napa County Merlot - 4 Pack

Cosentino Winery 2004 Legends Napa County Merlot - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 2004 Legends Napa County Merlot
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Major pass for me… No thanks.

Didnt even notice just now…more Cosentino.

CT Community Average of $12.56? Sadly, I think WD might have gotten a bum deal on this one.

I hope they’ll put up some salt soon.

Fellow W.Wooters,

I notice slight volume differences in the picture so keep in mind. just FYI…

I noticed a basketbal on the label which obviously leads me to my next question. Would this be a good wine for drinking out of a thermos at an NBA game while I cram hotdogs in my face and heckle Lebron from the cheap seats?

What wine isn’t?

WE gave it a 83

Ahhh this is the larry bird wine!

Talk about lucky I seriously live in Peoria IL. I work for Cat right next to O’brien field and everything. Small world.

LOL I’ve been waiting for the salt to go away and now I am so nonplussed

this is it ? no spoon ? no way !

I trust your judgment looking at some of your other ratings! Notably the Angeline Cab, which is one I like a lot, a 91 :slight_smile:

what’s going on… what happened to the good stuff?

Seriously! I looked at that CT link a few posts up. Wow, that’s just brutal. I want some merlot, but I don’t think this is what I want.


That’s where you’re wrong. This is exactly what you NEED. You’ll be making shots from behind the backboard all day after you chug a bottle of this.

For a winery in bankruptcy I would have expected some better prices on all these Cosentino wines. That magnum they couldn’t sell wasn’t much below full retail and the regular Cosentino 2005 cab was up at the same exact price I paid 2 years ago when it was on WTSO before the winery was in this bad of a financial situation. I would like to see some Havens type prices, the only one that tempted me was the 6L but it sold out before I could pull the trigger.

The 6L broke out to be a fair bit less per 750ml than the the magnum of the same wine for some reason. Usually the 3 and 6L bottles command quite a premium. That magnum is probably the worst Wine.Woot deal I’ve seen to date and I think the sales reflected that. Maybe they’ll end up in the next BOC offering.

Cab vs. Meritage. Close, but not the same.

I’m confuzled…
My other ratings?
I know I’ve never had a Angeline Cab.

By WE I meant Wine Enthusiast.