Cosentino Winery 2005 Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack

So we worked out which one was which then?

Cosentino Winery 2005 Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 Cosentino Winery 2005 Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon
CT link above

Winery website

nice writeup on this wine

anybody had this before?

sounds good from the number of CT reviews with average ~ 90 and the tasting note link previously posted

finger poised on the trigger…

great wine you should get three


Decided on just one order to give it a shot - being good and pacing myself for the woot-off!!!

In for one!

He was just being a woot off style troll.

No really it is good stuff

Nice write-up.

Mornin’ fellow winos from Colorado! I think I will give this stuff a shot. It sounds right in my tasting profile.

2005 Napa Cabs for $20 a bottle? I’m in.

I have seen this across the web anywhere from $25 - $35 dollars, so the price is right. Also, every review I have come across raves about it, so there must be something to this wine.
I want to show restraint during a woot-off, but I can’t resist. I guess the restraint will be only ordering one.

In for one!

I was just wondering when a woot-off was going to happen. First item I see and I buy it… its going to be a long day for my wallet.

o MAN! should I buy this ALSO, tricky woot putting this right after the cal cab. :wink:

Can you point us to any of those reviews? I’d love to read them and I bet a few others would too.

In the meanwhile, this is what Hugh Johnson has to say about Cosentino (2010 guide):
“Irrepressible winemaker-owner Mitch Cosentino always full tilt. Results sometimes odd, sometimes brilliant, never dull. Cab Sauv always worth a look; Chard can be”
(And its reputation is ->* but this isn’t a quality rating. )

Had this at a friend’s house who is into fine wines - and will spend the money on a good bottle.

I was impressed enough that I have a sticky note I wrote to myself to get some. Seredipity that I happened to look at that note yesterday.

Edit: I did just notice that my scribbled note said 2005 Estate Cab - perhaps a different wine than this one.

I’m in for one, too! I’m intrigued by the sexy black looking bottles in the picture.