Cosentino Winery 2006 The Cab - 6 Pack

Cosentino Winery 2006 The Cab - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Cosentino Winery 2006 The Cab
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Winery website

Oh no! It begins… Just when I finally caved on the case deal from yesterday.

Is it my imagination, or are the sirens different this time?

Seems like a great deal. Would love some 1st hand reviews.

Fancy modern sirens…Woot off in 3D!

this is at least 50% off retail/winery price (07 The Cab priced at $18/bottle on the winery website)…great deal! plus, decent reviews all over the place, and 06 was a good cab year. I know their Cigarzin is quite tasty as well.

Nooooooooo!! Please nothing else that looks good before tomorrow night! Some jerk-off cloned my card and tried to use it so I have to wait for a new one…

Might be safer not to have a credit card handy during a woot off.

Awwwwwww ****

why does this always happen when I have two days off work…

My wallet is going to be happier for sure, but if the stuff offered today has as much draw as the wine from the last woot-off, I will not be. Curses.

I’ve been to this winery, it’s right behind Mustards. They were friendly, it was small and most of all it had great wine


Just cant do it on the first item.

edited with updated info

Apparently they filed Chapter 11 last year and temporarily closed up shop:

The winery was purchased this year and the founder was brought back on to stabilize the brand:

So looks like things are getting back to normal. The new owners also own Girard Napa Valley, Windsor Sonoma and Sonoma Coast Vineyards.

(digging into the kaiser’s links)

Weirdly, the winery’s site doesn’t have this particular vintage:,800,791/name/Cabernet+Sauvignon/

They do, however, have the '07:,800,791/product_name/2007+Cosentino+Winery+The+Cab%2C+California%2C+750ml

Which reports a varied cooperage (all for 20 months):

  • 60% French oak
  • 20% eastern European oak
  • 20% American oak

And interestingly, the CT notes seem to improve as the months pass:

its regular prices…


I was just about to head off to bed and then the flashy lights caught my eye.

This looks promising…hmmmm…

Are you sure it’s not really this one:

It’s from Napa Valley, the CT link you posted doesn’t appear to be ?

Probably a great deal, and interestingly the first time it’s been on WW. I suspect this is going to be a wallet breaker of a wootoff.

Heck, I’m in for one!!

Wow, good catch. The labels for woot’s offer (which, gauging from the woot-o-meter, will be done by the time I hit ‘post’) are pretty clearly for the “Napa” v. “California”. Here’s to hoping that it’s similar, since I pulled the proverbial trigger based upon the more-reviewed link!

In for one and the ticker got smaller…almost gone.