Cosentino Winery 2007 The Zin - 4 Pack

Cosentino Winery 2007 The Zin - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 2007 The Zin
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“THE ZIN! THE ZIN!” - Tattoo

0 for woot off. Off to the grocery store.

I’m in a state of confusion… isn’t this the winery that is out of business? my brain can’t function after all the other stuff offered yesterday and today…


This and “Cigar Zin” are the wines that got us hooked on Cosentino many moons ago. We were wine club members for many years but over time the wines seemed to stop showing the big fruit that attracted us in the first place and we left the wine club as a result. Anybody have any experience with “The Zin” of the early 2000’s compared to these more recent releases?



Wait - it’s not over yet!!


Had this before, enjoyed it. CT ratings are great too. Cosentino is good stuff. Finally 1 of these 50 woot-off offerings is good to buy.


Dear Woot,

Is this woot-off a test to see how angry you can make your customers and at what point people actually quit wooting in disgust? Are we being used as test Woot Monkeys?

You Have Got To Be Kidding!

No - that’s what BOC’s are for…


Way to make me hate a winery I haven’t even tried…

If you (woot) had so much of this wine then instead of trying to sell off so many offerings at high prices you should’ve done a random bag of Cosentino Wine Crap. It works for regular woot why wouldn’t it work for wine woot. And yes, like many others, this is the worst woot-off I have ever been a part of. Still waiting to hit the buy button.

From the earlier Cosentino Cab buy…

Okay folks, I’m going to weigh in, because well I’ve had lots of Cosentino. They are one of my favorite Napa Valley vintners…I’ve had:

Multiple Vintages of:

“The Cab”
“The Franc”
“The Zin”

The '04 Estate Cabernet
The '05 M. Coz
The '01 M. Coz (I think that’s what I had at their tasting room.)

Awesome stuff, well balanced, and I buy it every time I find it on a good deal and I have space. If I wasn’t already full in my cellar I would be buying these and expediting shipping. (It’s 103 where I am today.)

I currently have 17 bottles of Cosentino in my cellar…but I’m trying very hard to resist this deal (and the previous big-bottle M. Coz was a tough one too!)


Someone then asked me what other wines I liked to get a feel for my particular tastes:

These are some of my usual auto buys:

Casanova De Neri
Marchesi De Gresy
Kay Brothers
Acorn Winery
Reiniger Vineyards

I tend not to like:

Whitehall Lane
Gundlach Bundschu (Rheinfarm Reserve is an exception)
Merryvale (Except their dessert wine)


So there you have it.


…Is it me, or has Wine Woot! slowly degraded its value proposition over the past few months…?(since the sellout?)

Yes and maybe, well no

I like “fruity” Zins. Has anyone had this?

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Finally, something I can get behind!

Remember the Truchard and Gazzi wine deals – I agree that some of their “deals” have been essentially retail price, but they’ve had some steals too.

I’m terribly disappointed with what they’ve done the last two days, but optimistic (for now) that it will get back to normal soon.