Cosmic Bear

Amazing work, SG! It’s soooo glowy and pretty!!!

I like the shirt.
However, I can’t get over how the lines are drawn incorrectly. I assume it was for artistic reasons, but the face area should be like a triangular shape instead of a line.

Wow. Beautiful.

Actually, it can be drawn either way. Google it, and you will see both ways of doing it.

This beautiful shirt makes me want to go outside and do some stargazing. Great job, Spirit Green! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering where Lord Bowen is. I’m so used to seeing him comment on each shirt featured on Woot. I haven’t seen him in a few days… I hope he’s okay.

Bears are like the cats of the forrest. You want to pet them, but they want to kill you.

Congrats on the print, Spiritgreen!

Very excited to see this print!

Thanks for voting for it! I put a lot of thought into the design (including the constellation lines, Ursa Major is commonly drawn in more than a few different ways).

Awesome. :^)


If you look back for her last comment, manhands came off a tad bit rude towards her. I assume that’s why she has avoided commenting or maybe having 777 quality posts is where she wants to stay. Whatever the case, I hope she’s doing well.

Ursa Major.

Isn’t it weird how the big dipper is part of another constellation? (top left) I only realized that recently.

Hey, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

When I first started posting on Shirt Woot, I was very impressed with how Lord Bowen was always the first one to give an opinion on a shirt. I even wondered if Lord Bowen was a Woot employee or something. “How did he*/she do it?” I marveled…

Thanks for letting me know that he* is actually a she. The name and the look of the Avatar had me fooled.

I still wonder if some of the people up here are “hes” or shes". I am a she myself, but there are still people here who think I’m a he. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I also wish Lord Bowen all the best! 777 quality posts… Wow! That’s legendary! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Such a beautiful design.

Bears are magic- I saw one once in northern Pennsylvania, coming out of the woods. It stared at me (I was on the back porch of my wife’s childhood home) and stopped. I was about to run inside, but I just sat there, frozen, watching awestruck. He turned and went back in the woods, and I stayed on that porch for probably another hour, just waiting for his return.

Congrats on the win, my friend. Love it- Hoping to see more stars from you.

Thanks very much for the kind comments, guys.

Bears! I’d love to see one in the wild, oakenspirit. We haven’t had them in the UK for a thousand years. Now badgers we got -plenty- of… they’re basically fancy raccoons.

(Lordbowen, come back soon)

this is a fantastic design. I like the way it combines science, nature and imagination.

Debut day sales for the $10k: 401

When camping always hang your bicycle in a tree. Bears will steal them in a second. They love to ride them around in little circles. Unicycles as well.