Cosmic Down 41 Degree Sleeping Bag

This is one HEAVY bag man
Fill Weight: 13 oz. / .36 kg
Total Weight: 31 lb 14 oz. / .84 kg

I own the cosmic 40 (41) but in long size. I’m a big dude and it fits fairly well for a mummy bag. I use it for warm/cool weather backpacking. It is NOT a winter bag. I actually used it last weekend on a river backpacking trip. It’s one of the few bags listed here which is EN rated which is a big deal (research it). It would suck at 41 degrees but it would probably work. In 50s plus it’s comfortable. It rained the whole day one day and it was very humid which was a great test if the fabric and dri-down. I certainly noticed a difference because it kept it’s loft and even when I get in to the bag damp it held it’s loft pretty well. This is a big deal for a down bag. The bag packs down small and pretty light. In a good compression sack (sea to summit e-vent) I got it down to the size of a large grapefruit.
There are certainly better bags out there but for a new backpacker on a limited budget it’s pretty much impossible to find a name brand, EN rated, down bag with dri down that’s pretty light for this price. As long as you are good with the temp rating this is a solid buy at this price I think. I do dislike the bright color too BTW but eh what can you do?