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Is the 3M cable an HDMI output or does it just connect to some mysterious projector?

The 3M cable is a proprietary cable that goes to their mini projectors.

I am going to need a travel adapter for an overseas trip, and I really wanted to get one of the two offered here, but after doing a bit o’ research I’m a wee bit leery.

The iGo is attractive and has a few good reviews, but at almost a pound(!!) it is more than twice as heavy as the Innergie, and many folks find the ‘green’ power-saving aspect a pain in the patoot.

The Innergie is lightweight (6.3oz) and has a very low profile - great for travel - but has mixed reviews and reportedly abominable customer service. (Need to take advantage of that Free Tip Program? Fugedaboutit.)

Any Wooters have first hand experience with either or both adapters that you’d care to share?

If this was a year ago, I would gladly tout the awesomeness of these Incipio phone cases. They USED to be really great and would totally protect your phone if it, say, slid off the roof of a car and onto a freeway at 65mph.

HOWEVER…the new cases the husband and I bought back in December each cracked just this past month. Our phones weren’t dropped and mine sat safely in my purse all this time. For the both of us, the cases cracked in the same corner and the plastic broke off. Seems like there was a change in the material for the case recently.

The iGo charger with 4 AA- batteries is great I have 3 of then.Recharged in less then 8 hours will save you money and this charger also charges AAA as well.AMAZON has the best price on the AAA iGo rechargeable batteries.Use the AAA for wireless mouse and the AA for motion sensor lights and ETC.Says it will charge other brands of rechargeable batteries MUST USE 1- 4 OF THE SAME SIZE WHEN CHARGING.

I’ve used the iGo unit for almost 3 years on a daily basis. Admittedly, it isn’t the travel edition, but the main power pack is the same. I paid much more for mine and have just bought a second one for a different computer. It is a WORKHORSE and takes a ton of abuse. I take my comptuer with me everywhere. I love that I can charge my phone or Kindle on it at the same time. However, the green feature can be a drawback if you plan on plugging a computer or another item in to charge overnight b/c it will turn off and you’ll wake up the next morning with only half a charge.