Costa Del Mar Motu Polarized

Costa Del Mar Motu Polarized

Confused as to whether these are the 580P (polycarbonate) or 580G (glass) lenses, only because it says the MSRP is $259, which seems that it would be the MSRP for the glass lens version, but it says they are plastic, so wondering if the description is wrong, or the original price/MSRP is incorrect?

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Also wondering on the price/lenses as heymondude pointed out, the MSRP is that of the Glass and the listing says plastic… any way to get a Mfg. Item No.?

I added a request as well but i think the Costa website answers it… They list the Moto options as: black frame with green plastic (580P) or blue glass (580G) no option there for a black frame with a green glass lenses…

Yes…agreed it seems as they are listing the MSRP-reflecting the “G” version. artec2 points out they don’t make a glass version with black frame, however they do; Here is the link:

Wooter, unfortunately I did see those, Costa lists those as having “Frame Color:
Matte Gray” so those are not a black frame with green 580G :frowning: once they arrive i will decide if i want to keep or return - shipping cost…

Oddly enough the Retro Tortoise frame has green P or G lenses as options so I have no idea what will come in the mail though my guess is that the mix-up was on the MSRP not on the product description so I think the extra $60 savings was just misleading… might just be a bag-o-crap