Costa Del Sol - 5 Pack

sounds delicious - but doesn’t sound too attractive to me, pass!

So glad to see this one again. Even the Mrs. agrees it’s a great daily drinker!

this is by far my favorite of the cheap wines that come up here.

I tried another bottle of that chilean stuff last night, and it was terrible. I really dislike TLC.

Can’t get enough of this though. Fruit forward, but has a lot more depth and structure than its price IMO.

Love this wine - does anyone know how long the drinking window is on this?

eeeeehhh, you guys are making me to woot this. =\

At the rate we’ve been drinking it, now until sometime next Tuesday…

Really though, I don’t think it’d be structured enough for aging. The window on cellartracker is 2010-11, which to me just says drink whenever you get to it

do you like sangiovese? It’s a very CA style take on it, but in a way that’s pleasing. I think the zin rounds out some of the earthiness that people dislike about sangiovese as well.

If I did not have 2 cases of other woots being delivered I would be in for one. This is another Woot offering that surprised me. Very easy to drink and great balance. You will not regret this purchase!

cellartrackers like it a lot

In for one!

Answered my own question - from 11/5/10 post "costadelsoul responds, “This wine does have some additional bottle age potential, but my recommendation is to drink a few now with the Holidays, and see what develops with some additional age on the remaining bottles.”

I am going to have to start drinking more :slight_smile:

Not even going to check on my cellar supply, just hit that big golden button for this one !Thanks Woot.

I was lucky enough to be a labrat and I really liked this the first time around. Ready to drink now and good QPR for a daily drinker.

Link to November comments.
In for 1.

just asking, but why can other wines be shipped to West Virgina, but not these ones, according to the list. Not that I was all ready to wine.woot it, but West Virginia isn’t on the list that can receive this wine.

does it have something to do with state of origin, bottles in a shipment, typo putting the page together, changes in WV wine laws in the last 2 hours?

I agree with all that is being said (positive) this is a light bright, fruit forward wine that you could easily serve your guests.

Just going to echo everyone else here and say this is probably the best of the cheap (sub $15 a bottle shipped) reds that are often offered on here. Plus, it has the Napa name on it which makes it even more lucrative for gifting.

::sigh:: You guys sold me

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I got this in the last wootoff and have had a couple bottles. The thing that turns me off about it (tho I’ve gotten used to it a bit) is the bitter finish. Anyone else experience that and is it a trait of sangiovese? (my first experience with that particular grape)

Is there a problem on ordering? I hit that buttom and never got a confirmation back of my order, I know that North Dakota is okay for shipment on this, I have ordered this before. Anyone have this problem ?