Costa Del Sol - 5 Pack

Costa Del Sol - 5 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
5 2005 Costa del Sol Napa Valley Red Wine
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This is a great everyday drinker… Would buy more if I didn’t have eight sitting on the racks.

I enjoyed this as well. I picked it up last go 'round I believe and it was great for relaxing after work. Very tasty in my uneducated opinion. :slight_smile:

Have three left. Nice wine. In for 1.

I love this stuff. I have 3 left from the last time I ordered, but I want to drink another one and I don’t want to run out!!

In for 1.

I’ve never bought more than 1 of anything so far. I still have a hard time with parting with that much money in one shot. LOL!

Agree with “great everyday drinker” as I’ve been drinking it almost every day since my order arrived a couple weeks ago.
Better once it sat for a couple days (motion sickness from the trip across country?). Also, once open, does well with a bit of air.
Guess I need to re-stock on this one since previous order is more than 1/2 gone. Ugh!

I bought this when it was up last time and my wife and I loved it as a nice unpretentious red table wine. I’m in for 2 more!

count me in for 1

How does this compare to something like Noceto Nutz!?

OK, always looking for a reasonably priced, reasonable drinking wine for when friends stop by who like to consume more juice than I am willing to pony up the good stuff.

In for two…gotta stop the madness!

One of the hubby’s favorites - in for 2!

In for the 2.

puts on her wine noob hat again
So, what makes a wine pretentious?

We too have really enjoyed this and would like to have more around for the holidays.

Hooray! I was hoping to see this appear in the woot-off. I picked up this when it originally was offered and really enjoyed it.

I would say it is a soft tannin red with subtle, balanced fruit that lingers nicely and ends with a bit of minerality.

Great with pizza, pasta, tapas.

Have to concur that this is a nice “everyday drinker” (as am I) - if I didn’t go in for 3 last time, I’d probably get more.

Good question… I have to believe that Noceto would be a bit better as they are somewhat experts in sangio wines. CT tasting notes comparison should be a good way to tell perhaps.

Definitely in for one. Original stash almost gone. Served this with duck for Thanksgiving, very nice!

Truchard Tempranillo, where are you???