Costa Del Sol - 5 Pack



Costa Del Sol - 5 Pack
$58.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 5 2005 Costa del Sol Napa Valley Red Wine
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In for one… GREAT every day drinker for the price! I think this is my 3rd purchase of the Costa Del Sol.


YES! This is the one I’ve been waiting for. I had only three bottles left from last time. I’m in for three.


I wasn’t really impressed with this. TLC is better with lower cost.


I’ve never had this before. Does anyone have any experience with this red? I’m trying to decide whether to grab one of these or hope for a Ramsay.


I have had both and prefer the Ramsay.


This is a great every day wine for the price. I bought 1 the first time they offered it and 2 the last time it was up on the woot-off. That wasn’t that long ago… so I’m debating on whether or not I should jump on this again as I still have quite a bit left!!


I don’t want to whine about this but are there any plans to offer a Bota Of Cabernet for the wine.woot Woot-Offs? has the Bandoleer Of Carrots, so a Bota Of Cabernet offering here seems appropriate.


Thanks for the input! I’m a big cabsav and pinot noir fan and like my wines a bit fruit forward. I think I’ll pass on this one.


I wonder why it costs more than the last offering…


I enjoy fruit forward Cali wines and LOVE this. This will be my third order. The Costa is very smooth, mild tannins, and a great finish…don’t have notes but openned one last night and it rocked with turkey burgers…wife loves it…


I jumped in before on the previous offering but it was a few dollars cheaper than it is now. It is a very good everyday drinking wine, just had some on saturday so it is fresh in my mind. It was smooth and went great with the pasta diavlo we were having.


I was thinking the price seemed higher, but was too lazy to go back and find out…

Still, I really liked this wine… maybe if I hadn’t gotten the TLCx2?


I doubt it, considering all the stuff in BOCs is usually cheap junk they can’t sell on normal Woot. Wine.Woot always has nice stuff. It wouldn’t be worth their while unless it was a random bag that cost $30 at the chance of getting a nicer bottle of wine. Plus there is the shipping issue. People would get made if they weren’t eligible for a Wine.Woot BOC because their state isn’t on the list.


I just clicked Cesare’s link - same price.


how much was this last offer? i cant find this info. thanks

BTW: it is light in olor, cherry vanilla notes and not too hot…hope this helps…


Having way too much fun with the woot off. In for 2…need to fill the cellar. :slight_smile:


I caved as well - I probably wouldn’t if I’d noticed the price was more this time, but I’m not unhappy since I just got one. Coincidentally, I’d just opened a bottle of this with dinner last night - I think it’s one of the most food-friendly wines I’ve ever had.


Seems to be the same price as before.
Check the previous offer link at the top.