Cotton Armor

Simple, sturdy, wear your stats on the outside to better intimidate your opponents (with cotton?!?!?!?) goodness.

Congrats!!! Cool shirt.

For the dungeon crawler that demands both comfort and functionality.

Really? I’ve seen incredibly similar shirts.

Buy three and add +3 to cold protection!

Are we really this nerdy??

Meh, I just don’t cotton to this.

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Aw, c’mon Woot! Why do I hafta imagine the “pocket of holding”?

I’m an NPC? I guess that’s just safer for everyone.

I need to get multiple several of these to wear under my over-armor… srsly, one of these + Leather Duster + viking beard = don’t ---- with me, don’t even ask me for change.

They’ve gotta be busting our bolls with this one, right?

I just spent two hours doing some prep work to run a game for some friends who have never played D&D. I haven’t played myself in 8 years or so. Anyway decided to go to bed at 11:58, brushed my teeth, checked the new shirt.woot and instantly bought. I saw it as a sign of good games to come!

Far too world of warcrafty.

I mean, I kinda like it, but it nearly looks like the generic products off the shelves in the 1980s…stenciled content name and barcode.

Shirt has TM:DNR on it as well.

Now if only it were elvish SWEAT free… then it’d truly to be magical!

I don’t think this is the definition of glamer that the artist had in mind…

RE: Wearing multiple shirts.

Sorry, but the modern D&D rulesets don’t allow stacking bonuses of the same type. Now, if you could get a Polyester Shirt of +10 Synthetic Armor…

Eh, this has been done before, and I liked the previous iteration better. If, however, you like this one better, you’re in luck!


I’m still surprised this passed the “no text only design” rule. Woot’s rules are a mystery to me.

Still, good job snagging first!