Cotton Weighted Blanket

Cotton Weighted Blanket

What!?! No 25lb. ones for us real Americans? LOL!
6’1” and 202lbs proud! LOL!
But seriously, :man_shrugging:t4:

And the 20lb. ones are sold out? AHHHHHH!
Although, a cursory search of the mothership and I find similar ones for only a tenner or so more, so? Maybe?

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Yep good call, snagging from the mothership haha

This cant be washed? Only spot cleaned?

Correct. It’s too heavy for any machine. You might use a duvet that you can remove and wash.

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A duvet for this very same blanket could be bought for $35
Reafort Weighted Blanket 60’‘x80’’ Duvet Cover 300TC 100% Cotton(Charcoal Grey, 60"x80" Duvet Cover)

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Not really. I think a commercial washer could handle it.

Just ordered on Nov 3, but they are saying won’t arrive until Dec 7. WTF?

So if it can’t be washed in a normal washer due to it’s weight, can it be dry cleaned?

We always show worst case. It’ll arrive sooner. But we do have some holidays in there. Still, should arrive sooner.

Trust me. You don’t want a 25 pound blanket. I made the mistake of buying one a year ago and it entombs you. I don’t think anyone should get more than 14 lbs.


When we’re Stateside or Continental, it’s be too much, sure.
We have two very old handmade quilts/blankets that easily weight over 25lbs each that we keep at our home in Svalbard. They make for excellent cozy night sleep when the temps fall to -13° (that’s just under 9° F for you wanks, I mean, Yanks) We leave before it reaches -20°!

We ordered the 15lb (because that’s all they had) and now it shows the 20lb back in stock. D’oh! :man_facepalming:t2:

A 25 lb quilt is different from the dead weight of 25 pounds of glass beads.

These blankets are not made for warmth either. They are made to make you sleep soundly by paralyzing you in bed - even if you are cold!

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Well folks in here to tell you that I’ve washed both of my weighted blankets in my front loading washer. I certainly wouldn’t try it in a top load, but I turned it to delicate and it worked fine both times so far. I also dried both of them on the drier…on very low. My dogs had gotten a bit more doggy smelling than I realized and so did my blankets, so I decided WTF I’ll give it a try. I probably watched it wash for 10 minutes with my finger on the STOP button before I decided to just let it go. I do have a feeling that if it would rupture it might trash the water pump. Mine were bought on Woot, but are the “Degrees of Comfort” brand with ceramic beads. FYI

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Don’t try this at home. You’re running the risk of the blanket opening up and having glass beads destroy your washing machine

Well, carp. (Yes, I meant to say “carp”. Trying to be polite, LOL!) We got two and now my brother and his better half want one (each) and THIS happens to be one of the rare “limit 3” woots?!? Dang diggity darn doodle! Half the time I woot, they allow 6, 8, 10 or more! Yes, I remember when “limit 3” was the only option. But I wanna gripe, gosh darn it! LOL! Oh well.

Wait for the Coolmax blankets to come back around… they’re the best!

Not in the winter

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Glad to hear somebody tried it. The whole time I’m reading these comments just thinking eww. so good to find out it’s possible to wash it. Duvets aren’t meant to bypass the washing of what’s inside. Idk I have kids so the few hours I get, there’s no issue falling or staying asleep. If it could work on them that would be great.