Cottonelle 48 Big Rolls Toilet Paper

Cottonelle 48 Big Rolls Toilet Paper

Gouge much?

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I’ll tell you what is some horse shit. Amazon is not going to fullfill my subscribe ‘n’ save order of toilet paper. Shouldn’t my previously scheduled delivery/order have put me in line before all these other chumps?
Nah, Amazon gonna give my regular, scheduled TP order to woot to sell at double the price.

You buy this fancy stuff all the time?

Ummm…It might actually be Scott’s…
But that’s beside the point!


I got these a while ago: not realizing they were funky 1 ply. Had them set aside to give to my friend with a cabin with a composting toilet.

Except we are down to 4 rolls of regular TP, stores are out. Hell with it, we are using the funky 1-ply.

Better than using washcloths, eh?


Uhhh…wear gloves.

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not going there unless it comes to desperate days. :rofl:

I’ll ration myself to 3 squares until then!


I meant with the 1 ply.

The problem with it is you’ll either poke thru, or use too much in a desperate attempt to not poke thru.

My husband offered to use it so I didn’t have to.

what a guy


Lol awww.

If you get worried ask the cashier if they have any in the back and let them know you’re desperate. I’ve heard some stores aren’t advertising they have any to stop the hoarding but if you ask they’ll get you a pack.

WHY toilet paper though. I understand hand sanitizer
but…this is not a digestive illness.

People are lunatics.


Yes. And now it’s a game to see who can get it.

Some people aren’t capable of thinking beyond the next five minutes, nevermind having consideration for others.

I just assume every surface is now covered in a layer of feces and urine since someone thought it a bright idea to hoard all the toilet paper so no one else has any.

I wonder why this sale didn’t get refunded.

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Was this price too high? It was for a 48-pack. I can’t exactly price check it on Google at the moment. :slight_smile:


Nope. You’re right. I think this one was ok. That’s less than $10 a bale. Seems reasonable.


A bale??
Someone the other day referred to a bunch of bananas as a bushel.
I grew up on a farm, and either these units of measure don’t mean anything near what they used to, or I’m experiencing a very jarring mandela effect.

What do you call it?

And for fun, what do you call the first and last pieces of a loaf of bread?

With all the toilet paper being used, soon there will be people hoarding plungers. Just goes to show: to many things there’s a ‘down’ side. Maybe soon we will see ‘rent a plunger’ booths at your local hardware store.