Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Wipes

Cottonelle FreshCare Flushable Wipes

IDK if it’s just me, but lots of “deals” on woot actually cost more than on amazon.
This comes out to 1.78 per pack versus their 3+ dollars they want here.

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Please do NOT flush these things!

Of course, they can be called “flushable” – if it fits down the toilet – it’s “flushable.”

These are well known to contribute to clogging sewer systems. Think about it. They are wet in the packaging and have been wet for months. Why would flushing 'em down the toilet break them down any more than they already are?!?

If you must use these things then just wrap them in toilet paper after use and toss them in the trash. At least in the landfill they have better chance of biodegrading and causing less problems.

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This is the one we are selling.

Single packs always cost more than bundled packs.

It seems the majority of the problem is people are using cheaper, non-flushable baby wipes rather than actual flushable wipes.
From your linked article:

Part of the problem, Finley says, is that many consumers are confused about which wipes are flushable and which are not.

“Some companies have developed flushable wipes that you can actually see falling apart in water,” she says. “In fact, they’re better than some types of toilet paper.”

Further, I’ve seen/heard several plumbers refer to flushable wipes as “baby wipes”. As in “Don’t flush baby wipes.” If the household is using flushable wipes, then they assume the “don’t flush baby wipes” recommendation doesn’t apply to them. (because they aren’t “baby wipes”) So if flushable wipes are actually part of the problem, then the experts need to clearly make that distinction between baby wipes and flushable wipes.

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Maybe so. But, from other articles I’ve read the term “flushable” really just means that they are “non-woven” (baby wipes / hand wipes are woven) but is mostly marketing. The wipes are almost universally considered a nuisance by municipal sewer departments.

And concerning your the Tube link. If you did the same test with toilet paper, you’ll see the paper break down in seconds, not the hour it took the Cottonelle product.

What if I use them, then pre-soak and pre-shred them before flushing?

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Yep. I thought that was the sort of response I would get.


What if @bsmith1 blends them?

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I won’t judge.

Honestly, though…I reckon toilets could have a 2nd chute for TP and wipes that had a built-in ariator like your in-sink garbage disposal. Problem solved.

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Good idea. Unfortunately you posted your idea before you applied for a patent so I have beat you to the punch.

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Except… I don’t have an in-sink garbage disposal.

You should get one. They’re dope. Especially when your family drops a plastic measuring spoon in there and it gets shredded and you get to use long pliers and a flashlight to extract little fragments of plastic like a trauma surgeon.

Do you at least get paid like one?


This one is $1 less and you get the dispenser too…?

[Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes, 42 Wipes per Pack, (42 Count)](Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes, 42 Wipes per Pack, (42 Count)

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I heard goats absolutely luuv em…win/“win”.

Or your mom dumps a whole pan of cooked spaghetti down one without running enough water and you have to cut the drain pipe and replace a section. Also, it’s the section above your closet and everything must come out. Celery is also a nightmare.