Cougar Crest Estate Syrah (3)

IMHO, malolactic fermentation is harder to perceive in red wines than in white wines. The estate Syrah has 13.9% Alcohol; 3.71 pH; 4.7 g/L TA compared to the Golden’s Legacy Syrah which has 13.7% Alcohol; 3.64 pH; 5.1 g/L TA and compared to the Reserve Syrah which has 14.3% Alcohol; 3.7 pH; 4.9 g/L TA. What this means is that you are right if you perceive this wine as the “smoothest” of the pack since, technically, it has less titratable acidity. This also means we recommend drinking it before it hits its 10th birthday.

Interestingly it looks like Amazon killed the sale price.

This sounds nice, wondering if I should get a bottle…not sure that I need three…


That’s weird. Probably back to sale tomorrow though.

I can’t justify the split right now… especially since I will have a chance to try their wines in person more in the future.

It was either Amazon on their own (unlikely) or at the winery’s request (likely) to remove the sale price.

I think this bothers me. Like I posted to the winery, it makes the deal seem far better than it actually is. I’m fine with the winery reducing the price to move product; it’s the basis of this very site. However, this seems like artificial inflation, intended to fool – sounds kind of extreme but I think correct – us, the customer about the deal we’re getting.

Agreed. I knew it was on Amazon for $25, but I didn’t mention it because the state shipping list from amazon’s new wine site is really limited. Woot is also still a (very slightly) better deal. That said, the price change as soon as it’s mentioned feels weird. Suddenly it’s a shell game.

Agree as well. They may underestimate the crowd here, who buys for value and not based on inflated discounts (although to be fair it appears they are both still using different list prices ($32 vs $35).

Every experience I have had with Cougar Crest wines has been positive, and all the reviews for this wine have been positive so far.

…the SRP that was conveyed to us by the winery was $35 per bottle…

Regarding the Amazon pricing; believe me there was no collusion/scheming/conspiring with them from our end. They’re in a COMPLETELY different silo.

Do you think the wives might just text each other, “Tell them they have too much wine”? Seems like they all sing the same song. Philosophically speaking, just what is too much wine?

Our promotions team didn’t want there to be two sales/promotions at once so they took the sale price off.

Yeah. I think that’s what we’re all saying and if someone is thinking otherwise – nope.

The winery sets the prices on Amazon and they’re the ones who changed the price when we found it. That bothers me. That also has nothing to do with the actual value with what seems to be a really nice wine.

While that may be entirely true – and I think we all appreciate your continued participation, especially with this sticky topic – from our perspective, the timing of the removal vis a vis someone on the board mentioning it looks fishy. We are a tight-knit and intelligent (if I do say so myself) community. If there’s something we don’t know, we will ferret it out. And we will bring it up. We will find out if you cheated on your taxes in 1992. The timing just bothers me, and apparently others.

All of that said, I think that your wine and your participation in general will and do outweigh the situation we’re currently talking about.

I really, really enjoyed this one, so I basically just need to justify spending more after splurging on a few wine purchases lately. If only this was on my next billing cycle (tomorrow). CURSES!

It shouldn’t show up for at least a day, right?

This is a little out of current price range. I also have too much wine at the moment. But I like the sound of it. I have enjoyed Syrah from the pacific north west before. Very tempting.

Does this ship ups or FedEx?

Agreed. In my case her definition of “too much” is when the cellar is full, the Eurocave is full and there are boxes shoulder high filling up my study and the guest room closet…

So… you’re saying you can buy more? :wink:

Good question. I don’t know. I guess I should find out. For knowledge.


Last Wooter to Woot: random122

I’m there, day-of. Thanks for the heads-up.