I’m so confused now.

As someone who constantly has to correct people that could care less, this shirt will save me a ton of time. In for 1!!

Vacation shirt

I really couldn’t.

This shirt is relevant to my interests.

I could go for 1!

Who cares?

I could care less that this printed. A whole LOT less! Thanks for featuring my design, woot! :slight_smile:

This has been one of my “pet peeves” for as long as a I can remember; and most of the time it doesn’t do any good to explain it to someone who just said “I could care less.” I usually just respond with “Oh really? About what?” to which they usually start listing things they actually could care less about as if trying to justify their incorrect usage of the saying. At that point I just shake my head and give up realizing that I truly couldn’t care less.

Me too. I’ve over thought it and am getting nowhere. I thought that “I couldn’t care less” was a double negative, and that you weren’t supposed to use them…?

No, not a double negative. Just think through the long version… (Channel you inner Perry Cox while you do) “I actually care so very little about whatever thing we are considering, that it would be impossible for me to care any less than I already do. I could not care any less”

This design NEEDS to be printed on cards that I can hand out!!!

I couldn’t = I could not

I could not care less (than I now care, as now I do not care at all).

It is not possible for me to care less.

I am not able to care at a level lower than my current level of care, such a level does not exist. I am at negative levels of care.

I give NO f**ks.

Congrats on the print, fishbiscuit5!

I could care less, but I would have to try. At which point I would be caring more than I originally did. It’s a “you can’t truly know your enemy without loving them” sort of situation. More to the point, it’s far more interesting to understand. People who go with “I couldn’t care less” are just a bit too pedestrian. On the bright side, I will now know who I can argue with about this in real life! C:

“I could care less” is sarcasm. Makes a much better point than the blunt “I couldn’t care less.”

Came here to say exactly this. Thank you.

That’s like saying “my bad grammar is sarcasm.” Uh, no.

Saying “I could care less” is not sarcasm nor is it on purpose. The simple fact is that some people learned it correctly (couldn’t) and some learned it incorrectly (could) and should work towards the former as to not sound ignorant. The sarcasm, I feel, is lost when there is such a close alternative.