Count To Pi

I love that the amount of bunny sticking out really does feel like it’s only .14etc. :3

PS: To those attending Furry Fiesta, make sure that you select ONE-DAY shipping or you won’t have the shirt in time for the convention.

Yep, looks like the innocuous bottom half of a pi symbol, tastes like pie I don’t want to know ; )

This may be one reason some people hate math.

But…SO adorable!

Just have to feel sorry for the bunnies. They look so traumatized.

Silly fablefire! That’s not a bunny.

Is hasenpfeffer a form of rabbit pie?

As a bunny, I’m offended by this shirt! hmph Woot is awesome, but there’s way too much bunny abuse on here!

Use lemmings instead if you have to, they can take it! They jump off cliffs, get squashed, blown up, and generally abused all the time, and come back just fine! :stuck_out_tongue: They even made a game about it!


If the plural of fox is “foox”, then how can “foxes” be magnetic? Aren’t the foox magnetic then?

Fablefire is my #1 favorite woot shirt artist. Now this… You can’t get any higher than #1!

You shouldn’t have to pay for rush shipping to wear this on world pi day (3/14) though.


Aaaaactually, lemmings don’t actually do the whole ‘jump off cliffs’ thing, nor do they do the whole ‘migration’ thing. That’s a myth, created to explain why populations of lemmings seemed to go from ‘hordes’ to ‘none’ overnight.

As for the video game ones, the horrible secret is that those were a fresh batch of lemmings every single time. They have this horrific dystopian society, you see, and only a handful are chosen to run through the gauntlet of obstacles and traps for the amusement of their leaders…

Also… squint I think I may know you from elsewhere… prods a cBun experimentally

only if you put it under a pie crust, but yes. yummy yummy bunny pie

So cute, but so eeeeeeeevil!

+1! MMMMMmmmmm…bunny pie!

Kind of like the bunny expression in Too Many Cooks:

During the derby, I contemplated measuring out the percentage of bunny remaining, but having been really sick over the past week, that was too much to think about.

BTW, congrats on another first sucker!

What the ??? What am I missing?