Countertop Ovens-5 Styles

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Countertop Ovens-5 Styles
Price: $39.99 - 59.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 24 to Tuesday, Aug 25) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Check out the product page for the Kitchenaid 12" Convection Oven

[mod note: the brackets in your link were throwing everything off! I fixed it for you, friend]

That three level multi select slays me. I wanted to check on various prices of the different models, but I have to go back to ‘select’ at each lower level to get to the top to be able to switch it again and drill down :frowning:

There aren’t that many options - it would probably be easier with a select with all info on one line like “Brand - Size - Style - Color”

Edit: Noticed all items with prices are listed anyways, though you can pick one without knowing which model, style, or color it actually is if you leave the top two options at “select”

Also: Get out of my head. I was just talking at work yesterday how I wanted a new toaster oven

Is there a model number for the Cuisinart Convection? If it’s listed I have missed it the several times I have looked…

It’s shown in the product image, not the text description: Cuisinart CTO-140PC

Reviews at Amazon.
Manual at Costco.

Don’t have personal experience with the 10" smaller KitchenAid oven, but we had the 12" larger model, three of them.

KitchenAid is horrible for pretty much everything other than stand-mixers. And their support matches that horribleness. From direct, personal experience.

Our home was 100% KitchenAid appliances (middle-grade) at one time. Thankfully we are down to one remaining. Every single one had premature failures/problems.

Specific to that 12" oven: (they make both a convection and non-convection version but both are basically the same)

  • Nice, simple design
  • Large capacity
  • No electronics to fail (perhaps a minus, see below)
  • Mostly solid construction
  • Short life span
  • The controls are flimsy and failure-prone
  • The top mode selector in particular failed on three of them for us. Each time we returned it, hoping KitchenAid hadn’t “cheaped out” yet again on a two dollar part. Every time it failed again. And the failure brought with it an electrical burning smell, leading us to wonder about a fire hazard.
  • Customer Support was oblivious.

Thank you Macy’s - for taking it back (5 months past the 12 month warranty, and for exchanging the first two within the warranty) with a full price credit toward a wonderful, better-in-every-way Breville 800 oven.

If you want a cheap counter-top oven get anything but KitchenAid. Otherwise spend more to get a real counter-top oven, a Breville. You’ll enjoy the difference with every use.

I bought the 12" Cuisinart with the digital panel here a couple of months ago. So far I am loving it. Really works great. I have made everything from toast to enchiladas in it. Frozen pizza comes out perfect without heating up the kitchen.