Countess Mara Men's Ties & Bowties

Anyone know a neck-size range on these? Most bow ties only fit a certain neck range, and I wear a 19" collar. A quick Google search got me nowhere…

Ah, “The Andy Bernard Collection”.

The Tie Bar sells much nicer ties for a dollar less ($5 for shipping).

Bow ties are cool!

glorified clip-ons.
bleh… no class.

Someone has to do it.


28, it was 28.

Now it’s 26. If you discount the ones sold out.

Countless my booty. False advertising!

pre-tied bow ties are for sissies. a real man ties his own.

whoa! these bowties are expensive.

Huh. Who’d have thought that people would want… you know… bowties, not clip-on crap. Maybe take note of this, Woot, and sell more non-clip-ons.

Seriously. If you were thinking about buying a clip-on bowtie, just don’t.

I am not surprised someone wrote this before I could…

You can get these ties/bowties for cheaper at stores like Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx.

They’re not the best quality goods and the silk frays pretty easily. But that can be fixed pretty quick by lightly singeing the frays with a match. Just go over the fray really quick and it seals it up like new.