Counting Sheep

I suspect the black sheep of the family will ultimately multiply after seeing this tee.

Shoulda definitely replaced the % with a +/- symbol. You can’t have a calculator without negative numbers…

eeeeeeeeeeeww! I mean ewe! #3 made a #2.

What happens if someone pushes your buttons?

I might as well be the first to point out that #3 took a #2, heeeheeehe.

Very cool concept!

If the wolf was a border collie, I would have bought it.

I take it the wearer’s mouth is supposed to be the display panel?

Awww crap! Blast these slow fingers!

Even after staring at the thumbnail for a while, I don’t feel the slightest bit tired.


I always thought it was 5318008

And who says math isn’t fun? Nothing’s more fun than sheep!

Much like #6, I have often felt the need to kick multiplication in the jaw.

Look out for the wolf in sheep’s cosine.

Ah. Instead of a solar-powered calculator, it’s a grass-powered calculator. The biggest question is: “Where’s the display?” or: “Teacher, I forgot my calculator at home, can I go to the pasture and borrow one?”

Why are Equals and Plus getting it on? Is it because they’re the same key on a keyboard?

Oh, it’s a calculator…

Spent the first 2-3 minutes trying to figure out the narrative like it was in reverse polish and following a process or something.

Slow, perhaps, but oh so talented. We enjoyed your dancing as well last night.

The wolf is the clear button. It makes the numbers go away. It doesn’t put them back where they came from.

#3 made a #2!

(third time’s a charm!)