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**Item: **Country Cooler - Your Choice
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I picked up one of these at Menards for $90 last week. Easy to assemble, looks good on the porch. I put a coat of poly on it to protect the wood (it’s stained but definitely not treated)

The wooden one looks like something the original Sam Adams would fill with Samuel Adams beer had it been available at that time.

Good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) on the 80 qt. model over at

[MOD: Seems to be a different product. See legs and bottom tray.]

A couple of good reviews Here on the Black Steel

I’ve had a nearly identical (and nearly double the price) TexasDepot Char-wood cooler for several years now, it is holding up nicely. I can’t recall whether that also was made in China.

My only complaint is the lack of a cap catcher on the wood model.

I’ve seen the smaller version (pretty much that exact model) at Garden Ridge for about $70-$80 last fall. I bought my 100-ish quart wooden cooler there for about $110.

This isn’t a terrible deal, especially for the shipping, but if you can find it locally you might be better off going that route.

I don’t need them, but I love me some alliteration.

bought the 57-quart size of this cooler about a year and a half ago from bargain outfitters for $99.
It’s held up well and we like it.

I’ve seen this cooler also at homegoods/tj maxx for around $99 as well (recently).

Not sure this is a Woot! worthy price on this. I bought one off these locally already put togeher for the same price. I must say they do look good and works just like a cooler should. :slight_smile:

They are only 99.99 on Ebay and no freight!

Do you have a link?

Hate to point biz away from woot! but here’s the link:

54 Quart Country Cooler

[MOD: Different model. Look at the legs. No stain.]

I purchase one of these last year. At first it was very nice; however, after a few months the wood started to come off and loose. Now it doesn’t hold ice but for a few hours. It’s a great holder for my pool chemicals now.

That one doesn’t look like it has any finish on it. Just bare wood. Gross. Worth the extra $35 for something decent looking.

we use two of these with our old fashioned soda cart and they work great. The ebay link also has different looking legs. The true one has round legs

Link for the same product on ebay. Legs, finish, and all.

$189.99 + Free Shipping

Char Log Cooler

You can always get some stain and use it on the cheaper ebay one, but my time is worth the extra $30.

I just want to know why the one on ebay is listed under “Home & Garden>Home Improvement>Home Security>Other”

I guess for those folk that are serious about their beer!

All I need is a rusty pickup sitting on my lawn. I’ll be all set.