Covalent Bond

No Mr. Bond, I expect you to break.

Calling all chemistry geeks, your shirt is here.

Yeah, put it on the back of a hoodie and then maybe we can talk shaken not stirred retro-rific sexy science ; )

This is a nice change. A lot of shirtmakers overdo it trying to make their shirts ionic.

I wonder how long before this shirt is featured on The Big Bang Theory?

I see what you did there :slight_smile: This has got to be the best comment I’ve seen in a while.

Now that you’ve observed it, the comment has obviously gone in a different direction.

Bummer. The tiny gun makes this unwearable at school.

That is absolutely terrible levels of paranoia and censorship. My apologies to your generation.

I was in high school when the Columbine shooting happened and my entire Games Club (tabletop RPG/CCG club) wore all black and trench coats every day. We had to go explain to them that we weren’t part of the “trench coat mafia”.

The mobile app says $7 + free shipping but when you go checkout it’s still $5 for shipping. What’s up with that?

Hi!:smiley: It’s so good to be back at shirt.woot!!!:D:D

OK, how many (besides me) said it OUTLOUD ?

In their best Sean Connery voice?